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5. Does short hair come back into vogue?短发又开始流行起来了吗?还能这样说:Is short hair fashionable now?Does short hair become popular again?应用:all the vogue 最新流行品,最新样式;十分流行;be out of vogue 已不流行;come into vogue 开始流行;give vogue to 使流行6. How would you like your hair styled?您要做什么样的发型呢?还能这样说:What kind of style do you like?How would you like your hair cut?应用:come into style 变得流行起来;cramp sb.s style 使某人觉得不自由,妨碍某人;like its going out of style 不值钱,毫不爱惜7. The hairdo will look quite nice on you.这样的发型肯定很适合您。还能这样说:This style is quite suitable for you.You will be very beautiful in this hair.应用:a nice experiment 一项细致的试验;nice blackberry 无聊的朋友,讨厌的人;nice looking 好看的,漂亮的8. Your hair is done.你的头发理好了。还能这样说:I have aly finished cutting your hair.Your hair has been cut.应用:be the done thing 符合传统的或可以容许的行为。例如:For most people, it is still the done thing to go to study at school.对于大多数人来说,去学校学习仍然是天经地义的事。 /201404/287852The escaped prisoner is still at large.(误译)那个逃犯罪行仍然很大。(正译)那个逃犯仍逍遥法外。at large 详尽的She talked at large about her plans.她详尽谈论了她的计划。In this article, the author analyzes the major causes of diabetes at large.文章比较详尽地分析了古代消渴病的主要病因,大致可分为素体阴虚,五脏虚弱。He was the fruit of their efforts, and His message was a fuller revelation to the people at large of the mysteries themselves.耶稣是它们努力的结果,他的信息是比神秘主义本身更完整、更详尽的一种显示。at large 未被捕的Parents and students will want to know why, with the gunman still at large, the university did not cancel classes.与此同时,犯罪嫌疑人仍未被捕,更糟糕的是学校方面并没有立即取消当日的课程。Two other suspects are still at large.其它2名杀手还未被捕。at large 整个的When we talk about the world, we mean the world at large.当我们说到世界的时候,我们指的是整个世界。A second system that requires MOND and relativity is the universe at large.另一个同时需要MOND与相对论的系统就是整个宇宙。They need support from husbands, relations, neighbours and friends—and society at large.她们需要来自丈夫、亲威、邻居和朋友以及从大处说,整个社会的持。 /201204/178132Todd: OK. Daisuke!大辅!Daisuke: Yes.是的。Todd: You work at the fish market?你在鱼市场工作?Daisuke: Yep.是的。Todd: OK. Whats the fish market like?鱼市场是什么样的?Daisuke: Its, Im working for Tsugigi Fish Market, which is quite big and its of course the two place, which is inside and outside. I work for outside.我在Tsugigi鱼市场工作,这个市场很大,当然还分了两个区,内市和外市。我在外市工作。Todd: Outside?外市?Daisuke: Yeah. Inside is for, um, for professional people, like restaurant people, chefs cause the inside to buy better fish and outside fish market is for normal people like us, like everybody can go and buy fish.是的。内市是面向专业人士的市场,例如餐饮从业者,大厨,内市为他们提供更好的鱼,外市面向向我们一样的普通人的市场,任何人都可以进去买鱼。Todd: OK, well what do you do everyday at the fish market?你在鱼市场每天都做什么?Daisuke: Normally sell the fish. Its the main job. But I also have to carry fish, and you know, um carrying ice and put, put ice, um, yeah, and preserve fish.通常是卖鱼。这是我的主要工作。但我还要搬鱼,搬动冰块儿,把冰块儿放在鱼上保鲜。Todd: Wow, what time do you start work?你几点开始工作?Daisuke: 5:40.5点40.Todd: Wow, thats pretty early.哇,那真的很早。Daisuke: Yeah.是的。Todd: Wow. What time do you have to get up to get to work?那你要几点起床准备工作?Daisuke: About 4:30.大约是4点30。Todd: 4:30. Yeah, do you get fish for free?4点30,你能免费拿鱼吗?Daisuke: No.不能。Todd: No? Well, thats too bad.不能?这太糟糕了。Daisuke: Yeah, its no good.是啊,太糟了。Todd: OK. Thanks, Daisuke.谢谢你,大辅。注:译文属原创,,。 /201211/21019113. I neednt the room service from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m.下午5点到上午10点我不需要客房务。还能这样说:There is no need for room service from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m.I dont order the room service from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m.应用:stand by service 备用;take sb. into ones service 雇用某人;attend service 参加礼拜;take service with sb. 伺候某人14. If you have something in need, please call us.如果有什么需要,请打电话给我们。还能这样说:Let us know if we can be of any help.If you need some help, please call us.15. When can I do the turn-down service for you?我什么时候为您收拾房间?还能这样说:When would you like me to tidy your room?What time do you like me to clean your room?16. Housekeeping, may I come in?客房务,我可以进来吗?还能这样说:Its time for the room service. Will you allow me to come in?Room service, may I come in?17. Please carefully fill out the registration form with your personal information.请在登记表上仔细填写个人信息。还能这样说:Please be careful to fill out your personal information in the registration form.Please write down your personal information carefully on the registration. /201406/308146

Given the current state of the economy, many people are choosing to double up with a roommate to help share expenses.考虑到现在的经济形势,很多人都选择找一个室友来分摊房租。 /201206/185299

喝酒海量----hold one’s liquor滴酒不沾----teetotaller大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。酒这个东西呢,对于有些人来讲是宝贝,是上好的饮品,对于有些人则是难以推却的应酬之物。今天,我们就来学习一下喝酒从“海量”到“不会喝”的表达。1.形容一个人喝酒海量,千杯不醉,我们可以用hold one’s liquor。It means to be able to drink alcohol in quantity without ill effects. 比如说:He can really hold his liquor.他的酒量很好。2.形容一个人喝酒喝得多、但是不一定喝不醉,我们可以说Sb. is a heavyweight.或者Sb. is a heavy drinker.而如果一个人酒量不好,我们则可以用Sb. is a lightweight.或者Sb. is a light drinker.3.如果说一个人滴酒不沾,我们可以用teetotaller这个词。A teetotaller is someone who does not drink alcohol.不喝酒的人,也有人把它翻成“禁酒主义者”。比如说:Campbell, a teetotaller, also discloses in todays extracts that the pressure of working in Downing Street became so great that he started drinking again around the turn of the millennium.坎贝尔,一位禁酒主义者,还在今天的摘录中披露说,在唐宁街工作的压力如此沉重以至于他在千禧年到来之际又开始重新饮酒。本期我们学习了好几个跟喝酒有关的表达,哪一个适用于你呢?我是小强,下期再会。获取更多英语资讯,请关注新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201411/342228

9. You can the newspaper to find the job.你可以通过看报纸找工作。还能这样说:You can seek for a job in newspaper.You can get job information in newspaper.应用: sb. a lesson/lecture 训斥某人; sb.s mind/thoughts 看出某人的心思,知道某人想些什么10. What are the requirements for the teaching position?这个教学职位的必备条件是什么?还能这样说:What qualities are needed for the teaching position?What is required for getting the teaching position?11. Id like to get involved in programming.我希望从事编程工作。还能这样说:I want to hunt for a job relevant with programming.I want to be occupied with programming.应用:occupy oneself with/in 从事于……;专心于12. Could you tell me something about the company?能告诉我一些公司的信息吗?还能这样说:Would you tell me a little about the company?Could you say some information about the firm?应用:in the company of 在……陪同下;be good company 是有趣的伙伴;for company 陪着 /201409/327736

1、Talk smack:boasting yourself2、Excuses excuses:white lie3、Cutting edge (over something):have an advantage over something. e.g : I have a cutting edge over you4、Have reach (over someone):taller than someone esp for arms5、Catch a glimpse:have a glance at6、Hard-wired:be naturally born for sth7、Have a cow:extremely upset ( be ill at ease)8、Judge a book by its cover:you can not judge a person by its appearance /201312/268456

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