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重庆宫外孕腹腔镜手术需要多少钱重庆妇保医院做输卵管通液多少钱Joe: Good afternoon. Id like to speak with Tom Smith.Helen: Im afraid he away from his desk at the moment.Joe: Do you know when he will be back?Helen: He away on a business trip. He wont be back until some time next week.Joe: Is there some way I can get into contact with him?Helen: The best way to reach him is by cell phone. Ill give you his number.Joe: Thanks. And could I have his e-mail, just in case I cant get him by phone?Helen: Sure. His cell phone is 1333. And his e-mail is lower case t, smith--that one word, at, c, c, w, dot, com, dot, t, w.Joe: Thank you so much. Does he his e-mails daily?Helen: Yes. He usually replies immediately.Joe: Great. Thanks again. Youve been very helpful.Helen: My pleasure. I hope you get a hold of him.参考译文:乔:午安我要找汤姆史密斯听电话海伦:他恐怕目前不在座位上乔:你知道他何时会回来吗?海伦:他出差了他下个星期才会回来乔:我能用什么方式跟他联络上吗?海伦:最好打他的手机我会给您手机号码乔:谢谢可不可以给我他的电子信箱,以防万一我打电话找不到他?海伦:没问题他的手机号码是○九一一二二二三三三他的电子信箱是小写t,史密斯(Smith)——t和史密斯要连在一起,小老鼠(@),ccw,点com,点tw乔:非常感谢你他每天都会读电子邮件吗?海伦:会他一般都会马上回复乔:太好了再次谢谢你你帮了很大的忙海伦:这是我的荣幸希望您能联络上他重点词汇:at the moment目前A: Are you going to buy a computer?你要买计算机吗?B: At the moment, I dont have enough money.我目前没那么多钱lower case小写的,也可以说little有些电子信箱要分大、小写,若你的信箱属于这种,应该是特别告知「大写的」则为upper case或capitalYou can use upper and lower case characters in your password.设定密码时,大、小写字母都可以用helpful (a.)有帮助的Thanks, you have been very helpful.谢谢,你帮了很大的忙get a hold of someone联络上某人,打电话找到某人Have you been able to get a hold of her?你有办法联络到她了吗?just in case以防万一A: Well, Ive changed all my money to Thai baht my trip.嗯,为了这次旅行,我把所有钱都换成泰铢了B: You better bring some American dollars, just in case.你最好带点美金,为了保险起见reply (v.)回信A: I asked my girlfriend to marry me.我跟我女朋友求婚B: Has she replied yet?她回答你了吗?My pleasure.(响应别人道谢)这是我的荣幸A: Are you sure you dont mind taking care of my cat?你确定不介意帮我照顾猫?B: Dont you worry, it my pleasure!别担心,这是我的荣幸! 656重庆爱德华医院治疗早孕多少钱 Never out of stock[00:.]Listen and Share[00:.65]知行哈哈糖[00:.3]Never out of stock 永不缺货[00:6.60]词汇扫描[00:30.]overhear [#7;#601;uv#601;'hi#601;] 无意中听到[00:33.98]assure [#601;'#63;u#601;] 保[00:37.6]riot ['rai#601;t] 有趣的[00:0.66]英文原文[00:.]When I overheard one of my cashiers tell a customer,[00:6.3]"We haven't had it a while, and I doubt we'll be getting it soon,"[00:50.]I quickly assured the customer[00:5.]that we would have whatever it was she wanted by next week.[00:56.]After she left, I the cashier the riot act.[00:59.6]"Never tell the customer that we're out of anything. [01:.95]Tell them we'll have it next week," I instructed her.[01:.79]"Now, what did she want?"[01:.7]"Rain."[01:.19]中文大意[01:6.7]逐句对照[01:50.18]When I overheard one of my cashiers tell a customer,[01:57.35]"We haven't had it a while, and I doubt we'll be getting it soon,"[:.66]I quickly assured the customer[:.7]that we would have whatever it was she wanted by next week.[:.5]After she left, I the cashier the riot act.[:.9]"Never tell the customer that we're out of anything. [:7.58]Tell them we'll have it next week," I instructed her.[:36.35]"Now, what did she want?"[:38.38]"Rain."[:6.79]多学一点[:51.01]overhear 无意中听到[:53.1]over 过度[:57.]overhear 听多了[:.5]over load 超载[:.95]be overtaken in drink[:.98]assure 保,使放心[:.]The flight captain assured us that the plane would arrive on time.[:3.9]assure insure 使放心,使确信[:3.56]He assured the king of his loyalty.[:39.6]riot 滑稽的,有趣的[:.59]Jane is a riot person.[:50.6]riot 骚动,暴乱[:53.83]The riot was put down by ce.[:.6]重新听一次故事原文[:.98]When I overheard one of my cashiers tell a customer,[:.7]"We haven't had it a while, and I doubt we'll be getting it soon,"[:.]I quickly assured the customer[:.6]that we would have whatever it was she wanted by next week.[:18.]After she left, I the cashier the riot act.[:1.5]"Never tell the customer that we're out of anything. [:.83]Tell them we'll have it next week," I instructed her.[:7.88]"Now, what did she want?"[:9.37]"Rain."[:.97]谢谢收听 18959On the subject of vast distances, we come now to our series--the state of our unions about marriage in this country. Tonight couples who keep it together across the miles in what sometimes are called "commuter marriages" often necessary, when work is in one place and family is in another as we see tonight from N's Rehema Ellis.One two threeThe typical weekend Florida couple Darren and Lucinda Lesser--playing with two-year old son Bryce. But once Tuesday morning rolls around.Hi, Baby, love you.Love youDarren goes back to his contracting job, a thousand miles away in Philadelphia. It's an arrangement becoming more common among married couples, the so-called "commuter marriage".The US Census Bureau estimates 3.6 million married Americans, including military families, live apart. That's a 0 percent increase since 1999. many couples, like the Lessers, it's about economics and child care.She's a wonderful mother and so I just can't think of someone else raising our son.So how do they make it work? Communication is key.(How was your flying?)We do a lot of rituals, if you would call it that, you know, we speak first thing in the morning, we speak last thing in the evening.Still the Lessers are planning ahead. Lucinda has started her own Mary Kay business and is studying her real estate license to help build up their savings so when the time comes Darren to stop traveling, they can afd it.Leading to the next challenge, living together again full-time. Dr. Bill Pinsof is president of the Family Institute at Northwestern University. "The most important thing is to have patience and to realize that you are not just gonna be able to come back and everything's gonna fall back into place.""I give it maybe or 3 weeks. She'll probably be y to send me back out on the road."But they are willing to risk it, because like most couples, the reason they got married in the first place was to be together.Rehema Ellis, N news, New York. 1重医附二院网上咨询地址

重庆市第八人民医院精索静脉曲张手术费用Hanna:It finally snowing outside!汉娜:外面终于下雪了!Soon well be able to get out the sled.很快我们就能出去滑雪橇了Ahmed:Sledding is kids.艾哈迈德:那只适合小孩子Im going downhill skiing as soon as there enough powder.雪足够的话我很快就可以滑降滑雪了I cant wait to feel the wind in my hair as I careen down the side of a mountain.我已经等不及自己纵身一跃从山巅冲下来时感受在身边呼啸而过的大风了Hanna:Youre more likely to be on the bunny slopes!汉娜:你个装专业的初学者!Youve only been on a snowmobile once and gone cross-country skiing a few times.你就坐过一次托雪橇,玩过几次越野滑雪What makes you think youll be able to ski the slopes like an expert?是什么让你认为自己可以像个专业人士一样在斜坡上滑雪的?Ahmed:I can ice skate better than you can, so no matter what, I know Ill be better at it than youll be.艾哈迈德:我滑冰比你强,所以无论如何,我知道会比你会做的更好When I get the hang of skiing, Ill probably try snowboarding.当我玩转滑雪,我可能会尝试滑板滑雪Hanna:Now I know youre blowing smoke.汉娜:你就吹牛吧You dont have the nerve.你根本没那胆儿Ahmed:Oh, yeah? I challenge you a game of one-on-one ice hockey.艾哈迈德:哦,是吗?我要挑战你一对一的冰上曲棍球Hanna:Youre twice my size! Make it a snowball fight.汉娜:论块头你是我的倍!打雪仗吧Ahmed:Youre on!艾哈迈德:来吧! 67983重庆市爱德华医院封闭抗体检查多少钱 重庆市爱德华医院治疗便血多少钱

重庆微管人流术要做好哪些准备Ring! Ring!响了!响了!Neal front yard was full of leaves. He went outside and raked the leaves. His cell phone rang. He answered it. Then he continued raking. He raked the leaves into three plastic bags. The recycling truck came by an hour later. The driver threw the bags into the truck. Neal wanted to call his wife. He couldnt find his cell phone. He searched his house. He searched his front yard. Was his phone in one of the plastic bags? He called the recycling center. It was still open. He drove there with his teenage daughter. A -foot high pile of leaves was at the center. His daughter used her cell phone to call his phone. At first he heard nothing. She kept calling. He kept digging through the pile. About minutes later, he heard his phone ringing! He dug it out. ;Dont tell your mom about this,; Neal said.尼尔的前院满是树叶他耙平了叶子他的电话响了他接起了电话之后,他继续耙树叶他将树叶装进了三个塑料袋中一个小时之后,回收车来了司机将袋子扔进了卡车尼尔想给他的妻子打电话他找不到电话他在屋子中寻找他在前院中寻找手机是不是在塑料袋中?他呼叫了回收中心中心还开着门他和女儿一起驱车前往回收中心堆集了英尺高的树叶女儿呼叫爸爸的电话起初,他什么也没听到她继续打电话他继续在树叶中寻找大约分钟之后,他听到了自己的电话声!他将电话挖了出来尼尔说:“别告诉你妈妈这件事”译文属原创,,不得转载 7 Genealogy, Bill Cosby, to get down on your knees vs. to get down on one kneeWords:blood relativeminiseriesancestorto trace your family treehyphenated Americancemeterybirth certificateMormonsstand-up comedianto tell a jokealbumcartoonupper-classto get down on your kneesto get down on one knee 350重庆爱德华治疗便秘多少钱重庆爱德华看男科好吗



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