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重庆医科大学附属第一医院彩超检查好吗大渡口输卵管照影大概费用输卵管粘连黔江治疗 To prove it they thought they needed just two fossils.他们认为明这一观点只需要两块化石They needed the first tetrapod, the very first land walking creature with four legs with five toes他们需要找到第一只四足动物,第一只具备四肢和五趾的陆行动物and they needed the fish from which it came, a fish that could grow legs.他们还需要找到它起源的那条鱼,一条能长出腿的鱼Find these two fossils, compare them and in the differences between them找到这两块化石,对它们进行比较,根据它们之间的区别we would learn the reason why a fish had developed legs.我们就能了解鱼进化出腿的原因They had one huge clue to set them off:有一条重要线索引导科学家进行探寻they knew this evolution must have happened 400 million years ago, in the Devonian era.他们知道这一进化过程肯定发生在4亿年前的泥盆纪The Devonian is so long ago that barely any rock can now be found from it, let alone fossils,泥盆纪距今甚为久远,如今那个时代的岩层已难觅踪迹,更不用说化石了but academics knew that before it nothing walked and after it everything did,不过学者们知道,在此之前没有能行走的动物,而这之后却是谁都能行走so the evolution of legs must have happened then and they thought they knew something else.所以腿的进化必然发生在那个年代,而且他们还了解别的情况Textbooks said it was a time of blistering heat when almost nothing could live on the land, not even plants.教科书中记载当时的气候酷热难耐,任何生物都无法在陆地上生存,甚至连植物也不例外It meant most life survived not on land but in the water.也就是说大部分生物并非生活在陆地上,而是呆在水中This was the age of fish and one of them, the one with the beginning of legs, was the first fossil they needed to find.那是鱼的时代,而其中一条鱼拥有腿的雏形,那就是他们要找的化石。201701/488736Im Bear Grylls Ill travel to the ends of the earth我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将前往穷山恶水之地and search the most extreme challenges and the most dangerous locations寻找人类终极挑战At this program,Ill be drawing on the lessons of my most demanding experiences在本期节目中 我将经历最艰辛的体验 并从中吸取教训to show you the skills you need to survive in the worlds toughest environments.从而向您展示 如何在世上最艰险的环境中求生Ive jumped into every corner of the earth,fighting sub-zero wastelands,我曾空降进入世界各个角落 在零下荒原harsh deserts and steaming jungles,battling the elements.荒漠和湿热的雨林孤军奋战 与自然环境对抗consuming the unimaginable,doing whatever it takes to survive.Hello?吃下难以想象的食物 不计一切 只为生存 你们还好吗In this Man vs Wild Survival Guide,Im gonna show you how to deal with deadly animals,在这期的荒野求生指南中 我将向您展示如何对付危险动物find food and battle the elements,everything you need to stay alive.如何觅食及对抗自然环境 这都是求生所需的技巧Whatever environment Im confronted with,from the dry sands of the Sahara无论面临怎样的环境 撒哈拉的干旱沙漠to the torturing swamp of Indonesia,the first challenge is always the same-- find a way in.或是印尼折磨人的沼泽 第一项挑战总是相同的 就是找到进去的路Fast-roping technique is the technique in the special forces under where the soliders going down on the ground the fast way.快速绳降是特种部队所用的技巧 士兵沿着绳子降落到地面 动作十分迅速Whether its fast roping from a chopper or freefall from 8 thousand feet,its always a buzz.不论是从直升机快速绳降 还是从八千尺的高空跳降落伞 总是令人刺激Only just land in to this riverbank Gather this stowed and have a look around.刚好在河堤旁着落 我先把伞收好再四处看看201605/440943重庆第一医院引产需要多少钱

巫溪黔江区武隆县顺产多少钱Two ceremonies took place on Lammas Day,1087, at Old Sarum.1087年的收获节期间 两项典礼在老塞勒姆举行First, every noble in England gathered here to take an oath of loyalty to the king.首先 英格兰的所有贵族都聚集于此 向国王宣誓效忠Then came the handing over of the Book,the ultimate weapon to keep them in line.之后 开始《末日审判书》的交付 这是让这些贵族老老实实的最致命的武器Now nobody could hold back anything,and it was this book,如今 再没人能隐瞒任何事 也正因这本书the Domesday Book,that made the gathering at Old Sarum unique in the history of feudal monarchy in Europe.《末日审判书》让这老塞勒姆集会 在欧洲封建君主制的历史上 画上了独一无二的一笔For the Book ultimately was England.正是这本书 最终缔造了英格兰For centuries after,this was the secret of English government,之后的几个世纪里 这本书都是英格兰政府的最高机密a partnership between the power of the landed classes and the authority of the state,它是地主阶级势力 与国家权力between the guardians of the green acres and the keepers of knowledge.即农田的监管者与信息掌握者的 合作之契约In the right hand corner, the gentry;in the left hand corner, the civil service.In between them, the eternal umpire, The King.右上角是 贵族们 左上角是 政府行政机构 夹在中间的是永恒的仲裁者 国王But the umpire was finally feeling the strain of it all.这位裁决者最终感受到了全面的压力Not surprising when aged 60,William still couldnt resist playing the warlord.所以六十岁的威廉 仍无法克制征战的欲望 便不足为奇了In 1087,he subdued a border dispute in France by totally destroying the town of Mantes.1087年 他征了一处和法国有争议的边境 彻底摧毁了芒特镇But perhaps this last devastation was one too many,但也许这最后一次破坏太过分for a flaming timber from a house burned by his soldiers fell right in front of the king.由威廉的士兵所点燃一间房屋的木梁 砸到了国王面前Williams horse suddenly bucked,throwing the now overweight king violently against his saddle,his gut taking the force of the blow.威廉的马突然弓背跃起 把这位肥胖的国王重重的摔下了马鞍 他的身体抗住了这次意外落马Mortally wounded,William was taken to a priory at Rouen.由于精神受到惊吓 威廉被送至鲁昂的一个小修道院 /201608/461703重庆做子宫肌瘤手术哪个医院好 重庆省妇幼保健院不孕不育科

重庆治疗白带异常那家医院好TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441509 This is the Lesedi La Rona. Its the second-largest gem-quality rough diamond in the world. 这是Lesedi La Rona,是世界上第二大钻石原石。The uncut 1,109-carat stone is the size of a tennis ball. And no one wants it.这枚1,109克拉未雕琢的钻石有网球大小。但没有人想买它。Well, no one wants to pay the estimated million price tag for it.好吧,没人愿意为它付估计的7,000万美元。The stone was found last fall at a mine in Botswana. 宝石是去年秋天在茨瓦纳的一个矿上发现的。Experts thought it would break the record for most expensive diamond.专家们认为这将打破最昂贵钻石的记录。That record was set in May when an 813-carat rough diamond sold for million. 该记录在五月创造,一枚813克拉的未加工钻石售价6,300万美元。The Lesedi La Rona diamond went up for sale at Sothebys on Wednesday. Lesedi La Rona钻石于周三在苏富比拍卖。The highest bidder offered million,below the auction houses minimum reserve price.最高出价为6,100万美元,低于拍卖行的最低保留价格。For now, the massive rock will remain in the ownership of the company that found it.现在,宝石仍为发现它的公司所有。译文属。201607/452805重庆妇科医院四维彩超渝中区市好的不孕不育医院




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