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By the authority invested in me by the USC Board of Trustees 我将行使南加大校董会赋予我的权力I hereby confer upon Marc Benioff the degree of doctor of humane letters honoris causa 谨此授予马克·贝尼奥夫 人文学荣誉士学位Please accept our warmest congratulations 请接受我们最热烈的祝贺It is now my pleasure to ask Dr. Benioff 下面我将有请贝尼奥夫士to offer the 2014 commencement address for the University of Southern California 为南加州大学做2014年毕业典礼演讲Good morning, Trojans 早上好 特洛伊人们Well, thank you Max for having me here 感谢麦克斯让我来这里It is so great to be with you today. What a gorgeous day this is 在这个美妙的今天 能同大家待在一起真是太好了And thank you Max for dressing me as the worlds largest the commencement penguin 谢谢麦克斯把我打扮成了世界最大的毕业典礼企鹅Thats also fantastic to be here 这也是在这里很让人觉得奇妙的原因之一And congratulations to this great class of 2014 祝贺2014届的优秀毕业生们Congratulations to all of you 祝贺你们所有人I really dont remember my graduation 我不大记得自己的毕业典礼了I kinda remember sitting out there 我只记得自己也是坐在那样的地方But it mightve been a late night at the Nine O 也许我深夜去了九〇酒吧probably it was mightve been a late night at my fraternity house 也许吧 也许我深夜去了兄弟会It probably was 也许吧There mightve been many things, but I really dont remember my graduation 可能还有很多事情 不过我记不大清了People always ask me, I have this great opportunity to speak all over the world 总有人问我 我有很多机会在世界各地发表演讲I get to talk to folks mostly about technology, technology audiences 我一般是和技术群体讨论技术And Ill tell you what they do, they always ask me 我跟他们讲我是南加大毕业的Because I was told I went to USC of course, and I got 这些人总是问我Well, how did you choose USC? 你为什么要选择南加大How did you choose USC?你为什么要选择南加大201601/422563After the collapse of the Soviet entire the ed States emerged as the sole superpower. No other power, or the combination of powers, could challenge its supremacy. But the unipolar world did not take root. When President Bush sought to assert Americas supremacy by invading Iraq on false pretences he achieved the exact opposite of what he intended. The ed States suffered a precipitous decline in its power and influence. So the disarray in the international financial system is matched by instability in international relations. The new order that will eventually emerge will not be dominated by the ed States to the same extent as the old one.前苏联解体后,美国成为了唯一的超级大国,没有其他大国或者国家联盟可以挑战其至高无上的国力,但是这种“单极”的世界秩序未能持久。当布什总统为彰显美国的威力以不实之词为借口入侵伊拉克时,其效果与他的意图适得其反。美国的力量和影响力一落千丈,结果混乱的国际金融体系加之不稳定的国际关系形成了。此后,终将形成新的世界秩序,将不会再像以往那样受美国的控制和左右。To understand what is happening we need a different conceptual framework from the one to which we have been accustomed. The efficient market hypothesis looks at financial markets in isolation and totally disregards politics. But that gives a distorted picture. As I have pointed out several times, behind the invisible hand of markets there is the visible hand of politics which establishes the rules and conditions in which the market mechanism operates. My conceptual framework relates to the political economy, not the market economy as an abstract construct that is governed by timelessly valid laws. I look at financial markets as a branch of history.为了便于理解什么正在发生,我们需要一个有别于惯性思维的概念性框架。有效的市场假说孤立地看待金融市场,完全无视政治因素,但这扭曲了现实。正如我多次提到的那样,在市场无形的手背后有一只有形的政治之手,它制定有关市场运作的各种法律法规。我所说的概念性框架与政治经济学有关,而与抽象概念的市场经济学无关。我把金融市场视作历史的一个分。201409/326672

But I had a childhood, and I was allowed to make mistakes and find my own way in the world without the glare of the spotlight.我是有童年的,而我也可以在镁光灯照不到的、属于我的世界里犯错和做我自己。When I first heard that Michael had died, I was in London, days away from the opening of my tour. Michael was going to perform in the same venue as me a week later. All I could think about in this moment was, ;I had abandoned him.; That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature who had once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all busy passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him.当听到迈克尔去世的消息时,我人在伦敦,巡回演唱会刚开始了几天。而迈克尔原本也计划在一周之后来这里演出。当时我的感觉便是我抛弃了他,我们都抛弃了他!因为我们竟然默许这位曾让世界沸腾的俊杰遭受各种流言的折磨。当他试图建立自己的家庭和重拾他的事业时,我们都忙于对他做出评判。我们中的大部分人都拒绝了他。In a desperate attempt to hold on to his memory, I went on the Internet to watch old clips of him dancing and singing on TV and on stage and I thought, ;My God, he was so unique, so original, so rare, and there will never be anyone like him again. He was a king.;在我伤心欲绝的时候,我不断上网重温他以前在电视或演唱会上的表演片段,以凭吊我对他的思念。而每每这个时刻,我便会觉得:“老天!他真是太特别了,极其大胆又极具独创性。毫无疑问永远都不会再有人能像他那样。他就是一个王者。”But he was also a human being, and alas we are all human beings and sometimes we have to lose things before we can truly appreciate them. I want to end this on a positive note and say that my sons, age nine and four, are obsessed with Michael Jackson. Theres a whole lot of crotch grabbing and moon walking going on in my house. And, it seems like a whole new generation of kids has discovered his genius and are bringing him to life again. I hope that wherever Michael is right now he is smiling about this.但同时他又是个凡人。唉,我们都是凡人,以至于有时总要失去之后才懂得珍惜。最后,我想以一个积极乐观的方式结束我的发言。我的两个儿子,一个9岁,一个4岁,都非常痴迷于迈克尔·杰克逊,成天都在家里跳月球漫步,就好像全世界新一代的小孩儿们发现了杰克逊的天赋,并将他重新复活一样。无论迈克尔现在身在何处,我都希望他看到这些时都是面带微笑的。Yes, yes, Michael Jackson was a human being but he was a king. Long live the king.是的,迈克尔·杰克逊是一个人,但他更是一个王者!一个永世长存的王者!201312/271084

But we put in a bid on Wednesday morning. By that, I was in Boston Montana.星期三的早上,我们出了一个报价。那时,我已经在蒙塔那了。And I talked to Bill McDonough at the New York Federal.我和纽约储备局的比尔·麦克唐纳通了话。At 10 oclock we were having a meet with bankers at 10 o’clock that morning in New York.他们在10点会和一批家碰头。And I called them, we actually..., then he called me in Wyoming before ten, New York time.我把意向传达过去了。比尔·麦克唐纳在10点前给在怀俄明给我打了电话。And we made a bid, because they were being done in a long distance, put the outline in the bid.我们做了一个报价。因为是打长途电话,所以只给出了报价的大概数。But in the end, we bid for 250 million essentially for the net assets but we would have put in 3 and 3/4 billion on top of that.最终,我们对2.5亿美元的净资产做了报价,但我们会在追加到37.5亿左右。We’d been 3 billion from Berkshire Hathway,700 million from AIG and 300 million from Goldman Sachs.伯克希尔·哈撒韦公司分到30个亿, AIG出7个亿, Goldman Sachs出3个亿。And we submitted that but we put a very short time limit on that because when you are bidding on 100 million worth of securities that are moving around,我们把投标交了上去,但是我们的投标时限很短,因为你不可能对价值以亿元计的券you dont want to leave a fixed price bid out there for very long,because you are going to getting a shot.在一段长时间内固定价格,我也担心我们的报价会被用来作待价而沽的筹码。In the end the bankers made the deal, but it was an interesting period.最后,家们把合同搞定了,过程很有意思。The whole (LTCM) Long Term Capital management that I hope most of you are familiar with it.整个长期资金管理基金的历史,我不知道在座的各位对它有多熟悉,But whole story is really fascinating其实是波澜壮阔的。because if you take John Meriwether, Eric Rosenfeld, Larry Hillenbrand, Greg Hawkins, Victor Haghani, the two Nobel prize winners: Myron Scholes and Robert Merton.如果你把那16个人,像约翰·梅里韦瑟,埃里克·罗森菲尔德,拉里·希任布兰德,格雷格·霍金斯,维克多·汉格汉尼,还有两个诺贝尔经济学奖的获得者,迈伦·斯科尔斯和罗伯特·默顿If you take the 16 of them, that they have about as highest average IQ as any 16 people working together in one business in the country, including Microsoft or what you want to name.把他们在一起,他们的IQ水平应该比像微软这样公司里的任何16人加起来的IQ都高。So that an incredible amount of intellect in one room. Now you combine that with the fact with those 16 and had extensive experience in the field they were operating in.那真的是一个有着|难以置信的智商的团队,而且他们所有人在业界都有着大量的实践经验。These were not a bunch of guys (who) made their money you know selling mens clothing and all of a sudden went into the securities business.他们可不是一帮在男装领域赚了钱,然后突然转向券的人。They had in aggregate, the 16, probably had 350 or 400 years of experience doing exactly what they were doing,这 16个人加起来的经验可能有350年到400年,而且是一直专精于他们目前所从事的领域。and then you throw in the third factor that most of them had virtually all of their very substantial networking with their business.还有一点,他们所有人在金融界都有着极强大极坚实的关系网,So they had their own money up. Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars is their own money up.数以亿计的资金也来自于这个关系网,其实就是他们自己的资金。Super high intellect and working in a field that they know. On essential they went broke.拥有超级智商,在他们内行的领域,结果他们却破产了。201308/254214

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