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重庆爱德华治疗腹胀多少钱重庆爱德华妇科Spain erupts in nationwide fiesta as 'dream comes true'A thunderous roar erupted across the Spanish capital and fans danced in the streets chanting "Viva Espana!" as the country's first ever World Cup trophy sparked a nationwide fiesta.The centre of Madrid was a sea of the red and gold national colors as Spain celebrated its nailbiting 1-0 extra-time win over Holland Sunday.The deafening sounds of cheering, klaxons, firecrackers and cars horns rang out as the World Cup's perennial underachievers won the trophy in their first appearance in the final thanks to a late goal from Andres Iniesta."The dream has come true," said the El Pais daily on its website.Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said he was "happy and emotional."This has been an epic match, I suffered like never before," he told Cadena Ser radio.In blistering heat, more than 150,000 supporters watched the match on massive screens in a giant fan park in a one-kilometre (half-mile) stretch of the city's main thoroughfare."We are very proud and very happy, I thought it would go to penalties, Iniesta saved us," said Raul, 18. "We deserved it after winning the European championship in 2008."Said Adolfo, 25, "It's an extraordinary feeling, of happiness and nerves."Others crammed into bars or gathered at home for the match, which left the country paralysed for two and a half hours Sunday evening.Most were either wrapped in the Spanish flag, wore the red team shirts or red wigs, or had their faces painted red and gold.One young woman was disguised as an octopus, in tribute to Paul, the now famous clairvoyant cephalopod in Germany who predicted Spain's victory."Spain, Spain, Spain!" screamed the daily El Mundo in a headline on its website. "This World Cup has crowned one of the best teams of all time."Vocabulary:fiesta:(in Spain and Latin America) a festive celebration of a religious holiday(特指在西班牙和拉丁美洲以游行和舞蹈来庆祝的节日)nailbiting:causing nervousness(令人焦躁不安的,令人紧张的)underachiever:a person or thing that performs below expectations(后进生,低成就者)clairvoyant:having or claiming to have the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision(透视的,有洞察力的)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/108876重庆乳腺病专科医院 Obama Warns of Severe Consequences Without Stimulus Package奥巴马促美国会通过经济刺激方案 President-elect Barack Obama is urging Congress to act quickly on his economic recovery program, warning that inaction by Washington could extend the current recession for years. 美国当选总统奥巴马敦促国会立即行动,通过他提出的经济刺激方案。奥巴马警告说,华盛顿如果行动迟缓,经济衰退将会持续很多年。President-elects traditionally focus on their transition period and naming cabinet members. 过去,美国当选总统在这样的时候发表讲话谈的都是如何过渡接班,如何安排内阁成员。But Mr. Obama took the unusual step of delivering what his aides described as a major policy speech in Virginia, urging quick congressional action on an economic stimulus plan that is still being put together. 但是,奥巴马这次在维吉尼亚发表演讲的时候却有所不同,他的讲话,按照他的助手们的概括,是做出了一个重大的政策宣示。奥巴马敦促国会立即就他提出的经济刺激方案采取行动。这个方案正在修改当中。"Now I do not believe that it is too late to change course, but it will be if we do not take dramatic action as soon as possible. If nothing is done, this recession could linger for years," he said. 他说:“现在,我认为,要改变方向还来得及。但是,如果我们不能够尽快采取大的行动,我们就可能来不及了。要是什么都不做,这次的衰退可能回会持续很多年。”The Obama stimulus plan could cost as much as 0 billion. The incoming administration hopes to free up credit for consumers, create three million jobs and boost spending on infrastructure projects around the country. 奥巴马的刺激方案的规模可能会高达8千亿美元。即将上任的新政府希望能够恢复消费信贷,创造3百万个工作,扩大全国的基础设施建设开。Mr. Obama said it was important to have what he called an open and honest discussion about his evolving recovery plan in the days ahead. But he warned Congress against lengthy delays in taking up his proposals once he becomes president on January 20. 奥巴马表示,在今后几天就他提出的振兴经济的计划展开开放和认真的讨论是非常重要的。不过,奥巴马提醒国会不要在处理他的方案时候拖延的时间太长。奥巴马将在1月20号成为总统。"For every day we wait or point our fingers or drag our feet, more Americans will lose their jobs. More families will lose their savings," he added. "More dreams will be deferred and denied. And our nation will sink deeper into a crisis that, at some point, we may not be able to reverse." 他说:“在我们等待、相互指责、拖延的每一天,都会有更多的美国人失去自己的工作。就会有更多的家庭失去自己的储蓄,就会有更多的梦想被推迟、被粉碎。我们的国家就会在危机中陷得更深。到了某个时候,我们可能就无法扭转局面了。”Republican congressional leaders have complimented the president-elect on his efforts to reach out to them as the incoming administration and lawmakers shape the recovery plan. 国会中的共和党领袖赞扬了当选总统在听取他们意见方面所做出的努力。下届政府和国会议员们正在就这个经济振兴方案进行修改。But the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Congressman John Boehner of Ohio, said members of his party remain concerned about the size of the Obama stimulus plan and its impact on the federal budget deficit. 但是,众议院共和党领袖、来自俄亥俄州的议员约翰.伯纳(John Boehner)表示,共和党议员对奥巴马的经济刺激方案的规模和这个方案对联邦预算赤字的影响依然感到不安。"I do believe that our economy is facing a crisis, and I do believe that American families and small businesses are under an awful lot of stress and anxiety. And I do believe that Washington has to act," he said. "But we have to act in a responsible way. We have got to address the economic crisis, but we also have to address just how much debt we are going to build up." 他说:“我确实认为,我们的经济面临危机;我确实认为,美国家庭和小企业经受着巨大的压力和焦虑;我确实认为,华盛顿必须有所行动。但是,我们必须采取负责的行动。我们必须解决经济危机的问题。但是,我们还必须注意我们究竟准备承受多大的债务。”Mr. Obama acknowledged some of the concerns in his speech. But he also added that he and the new Congress have little alternative but to take dramatic steps to turn the economy around."It is true that we cannot depend on government alone to create jobs or long-term growth. But at this particular moment, only government can provide the short term boost necessary to lift us from a recession this deep and severe," he said.Democratic congressional leaders had hoped to pass Mr. Obama's economic recovery plan before he took office so that it would be y for his signature right after his inauguration on January 20. But some leaders are now suggesting that congress may not finish with the plan until mid-February at the earliest. 国会的民主党领袖希望在奥巴马就职前能够表决通过经济振兴方案,这样,在奥巴马1月20号就职的时候就可以予以签署。不过,其他的国会领袖已经暗示,国会可能最早要到2月初才能够完成对这个计划的审批过程。01/60723[00:21.34]People who are neurotic-[00:23.16]they tend to worry a lot [00:24.72]and to have emotional ups and downs-[00:27.25]seem to be at increased risk of developing asthma, [00:31.19]a new study hints. [00:39.78]一份新的研究显示,[00:41.25]神经质的人一般都是那些整天心事重重,[00:44.37]情绪波动大的人,[00:46.33]而且这些人似乎越来越容易患上哮喘病。[01:02.11]即时讲解[01:05.39]如果大家查字典,[01:06.96]neurotic的中文意义会是"神经病"或"有经病的",[01:11.30]给人的感觉 ,一个neurotic的人与疯子基本是划等号了,[01:15.86]事实上这还是有相当的区别的。[01:18.64]就好象今天的报道中也说neurotic的人[01:21.37]总是worry a lot"担心这个,担心那个",[01:25.26]然后是情绪也是有ups and downs,[01:27.84]总之非常不稳定,但即使是这样,[01:30.72]这个人还不用送到mental hospital"精神病院"[01:34.46]在2003年的时候美国爆发Mad Cow Disease"疯牛病",[01:39.06]美国的老百姓对牛肉是避之唯恐不及,[01:42.75]这样的做法自然会对一个牛肉生产大国的经济有严重影响。[01:47.41]于是,布什就跑出来发表讲话,安定民心。[01:50.80]他说"疯牛病"只是一种mildly neurotic的症状。[01:54.79]这到底是什么意思?[01:56.97]mildly 是"温和地",[01:59.19]也就是说那些疯牛只是有"轻度的神经质",[02:02.88]连神经衰弱的程度都不够![02:05.41]然后布什又说[02:06.77] "I'm still eating plenty of beef. [02:09.31]I think everyone will agree that I'm not insane yet." [02:13.30]"牛肉我还是大吃特吃。我想你们不会认为我是疯了"。[02:17.90]最后布什总统再次为牛平反, [02:20.73]他说,"That cow wasn't paranoid," [02:23.76]"那些疯牛并没有得妄想症"。 [02:26.30]在布什总统的这番话后,民众得出一个结论 [02:29.58]Bush is a neurotic,"布什神经有问题"。 [02:38.25]原文重听[02:40.23]People who are neurotic-[02:41.90]they tend to worry a lot [02:43.61]and to have emotional ups and downs-[02:45.99]seem to be at increased risk of developing asthma, [02:49.98]a new study hints.10/88100重庆市爱德华看妇科多少钱

重庆做人流选择哪个医院Signs of US-Venezuelan Rapprochement at Hemispheric Summit委总统查韦斯拟派大使重返华盛顿  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he intends to send an ambassador back to Washington after a seven-month absence. Mr. Chavez made the announcement at the fifth Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, where hemispheric leaders discussed economic and environmental challenges, as well as issues of democratic governance. 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯说,他打算派一位大使重返华盛顿。这一职位已经闲置了7个月。查韦斯在特利尼达和多巴哥举行的第5届美洲峰会上作出了这一宣布。西半球各国领导人在峰会上讨论了经济和环保方面的挑战,以及民主管理方面的问题。After two days of greetings and handshakes between President Barack Obama and his Venezuelan counterpart, President Chavez said he has decided to name a new ambassador to the ed States. 在奥巴马总统和委内瑞拉领导人相互问候致意和握手两天之后,查韦斯总统说,他已经决定提名一位新的驻美国大使。Last September, Venezuela expelled the U.S. ambassador to Caracas in solidarity with Bolivia, which had done the same, accusing the ed States of fomenting political unrest in the South American nation. Washington responded in kind. 去年9月,委内瑞拉驱逐了美国驻加拉加斯大使,与采取同样作法的玻利维亚团结一致,指责美国在这个南美洲国家煽动政治动乱。华盛顿也驱逐了对方的大使作为回应。Earlier in the day, Mr. Chavez gave President Obama a book and responded favorably to the U.S. leader's stated intention to forge a new beginning with Cuba, a Venezuelan ally. 星期六早些时候,查韦斯赠给奥巴马总统一本书,并且对这位美国领导人表述的要跟委内瑞拉的盟国古巴营造一个新开端的意向作出了善意回应。The Associated Press es a State Department official as saying the ed States and Venezuela will work on returning ambassadors to both Washington and Caracas. 美联社援引美国国务院一名官员的话说,美国和委内瑞拉将就派大使重返华盛顿和加拉加斯进行安排。President Chavez' diplomatic announcement came near the end of day-long hemispheric consultations at the fifth Summit of the Americas. 查韦斯总统是在第5届美洲峰会关于西半球事务一整天的磋商接近尾声的时候作出这项外交宣布的。Although not present at the gathering, Cuba overshadowed much of the proceedings. U.S. officials acknowledge disagreement at the summit over a final declaration, to be issued Sunday. A draft of the document negotiated months ago reportedly says nothing about the U.S. economic embargo of Cuba, a sore point for much of the hemisphere. 古巴虽然没有出席这次会议,但是却影响着会议的很大一部分进程。美国官员承认本届峰会在将于星期日发表的闭幕宣言上存在分歧。几个月前商谈的宣言草稿据报道对美国经济制裁古巴一事只字未提,美国对古巴的经济制裁让一些西半球国家感到不快。After discussing ways to combat the global economic downturn and financial crisis, leaders turned their attention to energy and environmental concerns. U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu was on hand for discussions, and said island nations in the Caribbean and elsewhere would be hardest-hit by the effects of global warming.  在讨论应对全球经济衰退和金融危机的方法之后,各国领导人把他们的注意力转到能源和环保方面的议题上。美国能源部长朱棣文到场参加了讨论。他说,加勒比海和其他地方的岛国受到全球变暖效应的影响将是最严重的。"Caribbean countries face rising oceans and an increase in the severity of hurricanes," Chu said. "If Greenland melts, we are looking at a 7-meter sea level rise around the world. Some island states will disappear."  他说:“加勒比海国家面临上涨的海洋和强度增大的飓风。如果格陵兰群岛冰雪融化,我们就会眼看着世界各地的海面升高7米。一些岛国就会消失。”President Obama proposed creating a hemispheric partnership to tackle energy and climate issues. Administration officials say the initiative would promote energy conservation and the development of alternative fuels to cut back on greenhouse gases blamed for warming the earth's temperature. 奥巴马总统提议建立一个半球合作伙伴机制来处理能源和气候问题。美国政府官员们说,这项倡议将促进节约能源,研发替代燃料,以削减造成地球变暖的温室气体。President Obama said he came to the summit with the goal of listening, not dictating, to his peers in the Americas, and with a goal of renewing and rejuvenating America's ties with its neighbors. 奥巴马总统说, 他是带着倾听美洲国家领导人意见的目的来出席这次峰会的,而不是要对他们发号施令,他是带着检讨和更新美国跟邻国关系的目的来开会的。The message was well received by El Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes. 这个信息受到萨尔瓦多总统毛里西奥.富内斯的赞赏。Mr. Funes says he perceives good intentions from Mr. Obama and that the U.S. leader should be taken at his word that he comes to listen, not to impose his will on the region. Mr. Funes says now is the time to seize the opportunity, to forge better relations and confront challenges together. 富内斯说,他领会到奥巴马发出的善意。他说,这位美国领导人说他是前来倾听而不是把他的意愿强加给这个地区,人们应该把这个话当真。富内斯说,现在是抓住机遇、改善关系、共同应对挑战的时候了。That view is not shared by Bolivian President Evo Morales, however. Mr. Morales said President Obama speaks of changing in the way the ed States deals with other nations, but such change is not perceived in his country. 不过,这个观点并没有得到玻利维亚总统莫拉雷斯的赞同。莫拉雷斯说,奥巴马总是谈论改变美国同其他国家打交道的方式,但是玻利维亚并没有察觉这种改变。President Obama is expected to hold a news conference later Sunday at the conclusion of the summit. 奥巴马总统预计星期天晚些时候在本次峰会结束时举行一次记者会。04/67516重庆爱德华官网 提起瑞士,你会想到什么,手表、多功能军刀、巧克力,还是时装?今天,我们就带您走进瑞士,体验一场浪漫而时尚的欧洲之旅。Hello and welcome to Travel Blog, a weekly feature for people who love to travel and enjoy new experiences. We take you on fascinating journeys where you'll rediscover familiar places and find out about new and unusual travel experiences. And we provide you with all the practical information you need to plan your own trip.Well, if you could travel through only one European country, which would you choose? Italy? France? Germany? How about a taste of three in one? That can only mean Switzerland. Today, we'll start our journey from the heart of Europe - Switzerland. Switzerland might bring several key icons to mind- watches, multifunctional pocket knives, cuckoo clocks, chocolate and fashion. However, that's not all there is to Switzerland. With the incomparable beauty of its mountainous landscape, pristine lakes, lush green countryside and picturesque towns, Switzerland is unique and truly a land like no other. Now we have Feng Hui from the Beijing office of the Swiss Tourism Bureau. She'll be with us to take a closer look at this beautiful country. "When we talk about Switzerland, everybody, just like you, getting in mind will be the Alps, chocolate, Swiss Army Knife, banking, and skiing. To give you an overview of Switzerland, it's really a mini country in the middle of Europe, with the neighborhood country like Germany, Austria, France, Italy. It's only about 40,000 square meters, let's say it's (as big as) two and half Beijing city, with only 7 million population. 201003/97914重庆市爱德华包皮手术多少钱

重庆爱德华综合医院男科挂号Iraq's Cabinet Approves Security Pact With US伊拉克内阁批准美伊安全协议 The Iraqi government's council of ministers has voted to approve a three-year military pact with the ed States, despite the bitter opposition of several hardline Shi'ite leaders. The agreement, which replaces a U.N. mandate that expires on December 31, must be ratified by the Iraqi parliament. 伊拉克政府的部长委员会投票批准伊拉克同美国为期三年的军事协议。但是这项协议受到一些强硬什叶派领导人的强烈反对。这项协议将取代今年12月31日到期的联合国授权。协议生效之前必须得到伊拉克议会的批准。The Iraqi Cabinet voted overwhelmingly to approve a new military pact with the ed States, after weeks of bitter debate and fiery opposition from several influential shi'ite leaders. 在经过几个星期的激烈辩论,以及一些有影响力的什叶派领导人的强烈反对后,伊拉克内阁以压倒多数投票批准一项同美国的军事协议。The new three-year pact will be put to a parliament vote on November 24, according to the legislative body's deputy speaker. The new pact, which calls for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq completely by the end of 2011, replaces the U.N. mandate that expires December 31. 伊拉克议会副议长说,这项新协议将于11月24日在议会投票表决。新协议将要求美军在2011年底之前全部从伊拉克撤军。该协议将取代12月31日到期的联合国授权。Iraqi government spokesman Ali Debbagh underscored the proviso in the text that all U.S. forces would withdraw from the country by the end of 2011, although he said it is up to the government, at that point, to reach a new agreement. 伊拉克政府发言人达巴格强调,协议中的有关条款规定,美军在2011年底之前从伊拉克全部撤军。不过,他表示,这将取决于伊拉克政府根据当时的具体情况是否要达成一项新协议。He says that a majority of ministers, present, voted to approve the agreement that centers around the ultimate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Iraq. He adds the December 2011 withdrawal date is not subject to change, but the Iraqi government, at that point, will come up with a new agreement with the ed States. 他说,目前大部分的部长投票同意这项协议。该协议的重点是美军最终从伊拉克撤出其所有军队。他补充说,2011年12月撤军的日期将不会改变,但是伊拉克政府届时可能会同美国达成新协议。Debbagh alluded to the up-until-now acrimonious debate within the government and among Iraq's ruling Shi'ite coalition over approving the pact, but insisted that bickering had been resolved and consensus reached. 达巴格所指的是,在伊拉克政府和伊拉克执政的什叶派联盟中,围绕协议批准进行的尖锐辩论一直持续到现在。但是他认为,已经解决了相互之间的争论不休,并达成了一致。He says the pact was discussed by all factions represented in the government during a meeting Saturday with Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, and that everyone expressed his views and agreement was reached. 他说,政府中各派系代表在星期六的会议上同总理马利基讨论了这项协议,每个人都表达了他们的意见,并达成了协议。Only one of the 28 cabinet members present at Sunday's extraordinary session reportedly voted against the pact, although nine others did not attend. 据报导,在出席星期天内阁特别会议的28名部长中,只有一名部长投票反对该协议。另外还有9名部长没有出席。U.S. Embassy spokesman Adam Ereli told the Associated Press the vote was an "important and positive step." 美国驻伊拉克大使馆发言人埃尔利对美联社说,这次投票是“一项重要和积极的步骤”。Iraq's top negotiator on the pact, National Security Advisor Muwafaq al-Rubaie, said earlier that he believed the agreement was a "very good document" and added that he expected parliament to ratify it. 伊拉克负责这项协议的首席谈判代表、国家安全顾问鲁巴伊早些时候表示,他认为这项协议是“一份非常好的文件”,他预计伊拉克议会将会批准这项协议。Virulent opposition from anti-U.S. Shi'ite cleric Muqtada Sadr and from other Shi'ite leaders close to Iran had threatened to derail the new pact.Sadr announced Friday that he was creating a new militia, which he dubbed the "Brigades of the Promised Day" to fight the ed States, and demanded that the ed States "quit Iraq without leaving behind any bases."Iranian state television called the vote "a victory for the government of Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki," which "imposed its views on everyone." Iran has long said it opposes the new pact, claiming that it threatens its own security and stability. 伊朗国营电视台称这次投票是“马利基总理政府的胜利”,协议将其内容“强加于每个人”。长期以来伊朗一直表示,反对美伊新协议,认为新协议将危及其自身的安全和稳定。200811/56373 Y: Today, on a Moment of Science, it's time for another round of Baby Skills, that fun and wacky guessing game that shows your baby is up to more than crying and napping. And today's question is: What can six-month-olds do better than nine-month-olds? Don, care to take a stab at it? D: Hmmm! well! I really don't know, Yael. I thought nine-month-olds would be better at just about everything. Y: Sorry, Don. It turns out that six-month-olds are better than nine-month-olds at recognizing certain faces. In a recent study, scientists observed that six-month-olds are equally good at distinguishing between non-human faces, as they are at distinguishing between human faces. D: By non-human, do you mean animal faces? Y: Exactly. Six-month-olds apparently have no trouble telling apart animal faces, but then they lose that ability by the time they turn nine months old. In contrast, as they get older, they just get better at distinguishing between human faces. D: Hmm! I guess that makes sense. After all, even babies know which side their b is buttered on. Y: That's right—it doesn't take babies long to learn that it's more important to pay attention to human faces than to animal faces. Scientists call this phenomenon cognitive narrowing. The more human faces babies look at, the better they get at noticing individual features. At the same time, as they grow older, and their knowledge becomes more specialized, babies lose the ability to recognize animal faces, because they don't see nearly as many. And, as you might expect, when scientists tested this on monkeys, the opposite was true. D: The monkey babies got better at recognizing monkey faces? Y: Exactly. 【词汇注释】wacky adj. 古怪的take a stab at vt. 试做recognize v.识别distinguish v.区别butter vt.涂黄油于…上phenomenon n.现象cognitive narrowing 认知缩小specialized a.特化的, 专化的201110/157534重庆人流医院是哪家重庆市妇幼保健院做不孕不育多少钱



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