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重庆看妇科病去哪家医院好重庆特色治疗宫颈糜烂International Agencies Regret US Decision to Abort Burma Mercy Mission援缅被拒 美舰队撤离缅甸外海 ed States naval ships with relief supplies for cyclone victims in Burma are leaving the area, because the Burmese government refused their help. International agencies trying to help more than two million storm survivors regret the loss of the navy's resources. 满载救助缅甸强热带风暴灾民的救援物资的美国海军舰队离开这个地区,因为缅甸政府拒绝他们的帮助。试图帮助两百多万风灾幸存者的国际援助机构对失去美国海军提供的救灾物资表示遗憾。The USS Essex and several support vessels are leaving the seas near Burma after spending three weeks trying to deliver aid to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis. 美国海军舰艇“埃塞克斯”号以及其它几艘辅助舰艇驶离缅甸附近的公海,这几艘舰艇在这里已等候了三个星期,曾试图向缅甸纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的灾民运送救灾物品。The French navy also has given up efforts to send in aid and is heading away from the Bay of Bengal.  法国海军也放弃了向缅甸灾区运送救灾物资的努力,离开了孟加拉湾。Burma's government has rejected offers to use other country's military helicopters to carry relief supplies. 缅甸政府还拒绝接受其它国家提供军用直升机运送救援物资的提议。Instead, in the past week the World Food Program received two helicopters from Africa, but aid experts say that is not enough. 在过去的一个星期中,世界粮食计划署只收到了来自非洲的两架直升机,援助专家说,这是远远不够的。 WFP spokesman Paul Risley says it is unfortunate that U.S. Navy helicopters will not be available to bring aid across the Irrawaddy Delta. 世界粮食计划署发言人保罗.里斯利说,不幸的是,世界粮食计划署将无法使用美国海军的直升机把救援物资运到整个伊洛瓦底江三角洲。 他说:"And this is truly unfortunate because these helicopters represented immediate heavy lift capacity in the area and would have been a standard operating procedure for the U.N. for relief agencies in responding," he said. “这非常令人遗憾,因为这些直升机能够立即在灾区发挥重型起重能力,同时也能够作为联合国及救援机构在救灾反应方面的标准作业步骤。” Military helicopters from several nations played a vital role in relief efforts in Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami. They also helped in the aftermath of a cyclone that hit Bangladesh last year. 2004年印尼发生海啸之后,几个国家提供的军用直升机在救灾中发挥了至关重要的作用。去年孟加拉国发生强热带风暴之后,军用直升机也帮助了救灾工作。Burma's state media say the government rejected the U.S. military aircraft because it feared an invasion, despite U.S. assurances that wanted only to provide aid. 缅甸国家控制的媒体说,政府拒绝美国军用飞机的帮助,是因为政府担心美军入侵,尽管美国保只提供灾害援助。 The cyclone that hit a month ago left more than two million people in need of food, shelter and medical care. The storm killed 78,000 and left 56,000 missing. 一个月前的纳尔吉斯强热带风暴造成200多万人缺少粮食,住房和医疗务。风暴造成7万8千人死亡,5万6千人失踪。 International donors have condemned the Burmese government's roadblocks to relief efforts. U.S. officials say the delays may have cost "tens of thousands of lives." 国际捐助者谴责缅甸政府为救灾工作设置障碍。美国官员说,这种延误可能造成“数以万计的生命”丧失。The ed Nations and ASEAN recent reached an agreement with Burma to allow international aid workers more access to the areas worst hit by the storm.  联合国和东盟最近与缅甸达成了协议,允许更多的国际援助工作者进入受风灾影响最严重的地区。But U.N. officials said Wednesday relief efforts need to expand rapidly, since just one point three million people had gotten any sort of assistance. 但联合国官员星期三说,救灾工作需要迅速扩大,因为只有130万人得到了某种形式的援助。The Irrawaddy Delta is Burma's main rice-growing region, but U.N. officials said Wednesday that 60 percent of the paddy fields were damaged in the storm. About 16 percent are too badly damaged for the next planting season, in July.  伊洛瓦底江三角洲是缅甸的主要稻米种植区,但联合国官员星期三说,60%的水稻田在风暴中遭到破坏。大约16%的稻田遭到的破坏过于严重,以至在7月下一个播种季节开始时无法耕作。The WFP's Risley says international food aid to the hardest-hit areas could last a year. 世界粮食计划署的里斯利说,向受灾最严重的地区提供援助可能会持续1年。 他说:"In a situation such as this it would be very typical for the World Food Program to continue providing food rations through general deliveries for families and farmers in the delta area, certainly through the next six months, certainly through the next harvest. It is likely that harvest will not be able to take place for an entire year," he said. “在这种情况下,世界粮食计划署通常会继续通过普遍分发形式向伊洛瓦底江三角洲灾区的农民及其家庭提供定量口粮,在未来的6个月内必然会这样做,这一做法一直会持续到农作物下一次收获季节。而很有可能在整整一年里不会有任何收获。” U.N. officials say few farmers have returned to their land because they have no food, shelter or farm tools. In addition, roads throughout the region remain unusable. 联合国官员说,少数农民已返回他们的土地,因为他们没有食物、住所或农具。此外,整个区域内的道路仍然无法使用。200806/41190重庆省妇幼保健院人流价格表 Alright, leading the pack of morningstars list of best performing funds so far this year. Top performing fund Aim China A. Astonishing 85 percent gain so far this year, also posting impressive returns and in the top 15, the Oberweis China opportunities fund, OHX is the particular of that, one nearly 60 percent is the gain tagged on by that one in (20)07. Joining us, Jim Oberweis,editor of the Oberweis Report and portfolio manager of that fund.Alright. Jim, it’s a pleasure to have you with us. Now, China certainly this year although extremely volatile, has seemed to be a tide that lifts all boats, is that the way to look at it?That certainly is one way to look at it. I think the real question is what’s gonna happen next year. And next year is gonna be I think a game of math not momentum. And you are really going to have to, really focusing on disciplines and our investment styles are looking at earnings and cash flow in relation to prices you are paying for stocks, we are really hunkering down right now, make sure our portfolio is adequately suited to that kind of strategy.And when you buy... when we are talking China again there is always this confusion, are you…how much are you able to buy in China itself or you are pretty much playing this through Hong KongRight, well, you could certainly utilize a brokerage firm’s a to be able to buy in the local markets. The problem right now, I think, is the local markets are so overvalued, because…for the internal retail Chinese investors it is really about the only place where they can go. So the valuations on the Shanghai listed stocks have really been inflated. We can buy a lot of the same types of companies on the Hong Kong and Singapore exchanges, and valuations are literally half of what we had to pay if we were restricted to a Shanghai.They are restricted share markets, and this is interesting. So the restricted share market is badly inflated, is that because it is a rigged game?Well, I don’t know so much of a rigged game, but think about it. If you are a retail Chinese investor and you can. (it’s the only place you can buy)it’s the only place you can go. Exactly!Oh, wow! I did not know that! OK, no wonder that market is so weirdAnd that’s changing. Yeah! And that’s changing. The government is taking steps to let them invest in funds they can invest in Hong Kong and Singapore right now. It is a really small dollar amount. But as that changes. That's gonna inflate Hong Kong and it’s gonna depress Shanghai. I think it will go the course next year.You like China. Are you worried at all? there have been a lot of reports recently worrisome reports about inflation rekindled in China. Is that garnered on your radar?It, there's no question about it. However, you still have, I think, very strong economic growth. We have to look at all those factors when we are making investment decisions. I think, right now, if I can have the wind in my back, and I can have the economic growth that we are seeing, even in the face of somewhat higher inflation. I’ll take it. Assuming I can find individual opportunities that are still relatively inexpensive in relation to growth rates and we are still finding some of those.Alright! Jim, thank you very much as always we appreciate it.Notes: rigged: viciously controled and interfered200807/43917重庆爱德华医院治疗早泄多少钱

合川女人孕前检查bloodcurdling ———— 吓人的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Terrifying; causing great fear and alarm. (NOTE: used to describe sounds, sights, or frightening stories.)例句 A group of friends taking an evening walk through the peaceful grove froze in horror when they heard the bloodcurdling howl of a wolf.一群朋友在晚上散步,经过一片宁静的小树林时,听到了吓人的狼嚎,他们都吓呆了。 /201605/445092沙坪坝 孕前检查医院 As Many as 10,000 Dead in Burma Cyclone热带风暴重创缅甸 Burmese state media say it is now believed that as many as 10,000 people are dead and thousands more missing after Tropical Cyclone Nargis ripped through parts of the country, destroying homes, bringing down power lines and knocking out communications. Earlier figures had put the death toll far lower.  缅甸国家媒体报导说,热带风暴“纳尔吉斯”席卷缅甸部分地区,造成将近4千人死亡,几千人失踪。房屋被毁坏,电线杆被吹倒,通信系统也被中断。早些时候公布的死亡人数远远低于目前的死亡人数。With some telephone lines working again and the airport at the main city, Rangoon, reopened, reports of death and destruction trickled out of Burma Monday, giving a glimpse of the extent of the enormous devastation the cyclone inflicted on the impoverished country. 随着电话线路恢复正常以及缅甸主要城市仰光的机场重新开放,有关死亡和遭受破坏的报导星期一开始逐渐从缅甸传到外界,使人们略微了解这次灾难给缅甸这个贫穷国家造成的巨大损失。Among those arriving in Bangkok Monday, on one of the first flights out of Rangoon, was Sweden's former Minister of Democracy and Integration, Jens Orback, who tells VOA the main city is paralyzed.  发生灾难后第一班航班星期一从仰光飞抵曼谷,其中一位乘客是瑞典前民主统一部部长奥尔巴克。他对美国之音说,整个仰光市处于瘫痪状态。"The electricity went out," he said. "The telephones didn't work. The TV, the radio, the cellular telephones, everything was wiped out. When talking to people, they were very upset in the beginning that nobody from the military, from the police, from the fire forces were out on the street. Only private people were there with machetes, actually trying to get rid of the trees. 他说:“没有电源,电话也不能用。电视、收音机、手机,所有东西都被破坏了。当我跟人们谈话时,他们非常沮丧,因为没有任何军人、警察和消防队伍在街道上。只有一些个人手持弯刀,试图砍掉那些树枝。”"I talked to some civilians on the market and they were a little bit surprised that nobody was doing anything," he added. "Because if there's anything that are very present in Burma otherwise, it's police and military but there were none of them out in the hours after the disaster."Thousands are homeless, and much of the city remains without water or public transportation.  几千人无家可归,仰光大部分地方仍然没有水,也没有公共交通。The few reports coming in from the countryside suggest the devastation is widesp. Burmese state radio said nearly 3,000 people were missing in one town, Bogalay, in the country's Irawaddy River Delta - an area believed to be especially hard-hit.  极少数地来自农村地区的报导说,这次风暴造成的破坏范围很广。缅甸国家广播电台说,缅甸伊落瓦底江三角州地区受灾情况特别严重,该地区的一个镇有将近3千人失踪。In a rare gesture, at a meeting with foreign diplomats and representatives of U.N. agencies and international aid organizations, the military government said it welcomed humanitarian assistance . Analysts say the military leadership has in the past refrained from accepting foreign aid for fear of appearing weak.  缅甸军政府在和外国大使、联合国机构和国际援助组织的代表们举行的一次会议上说,缅甸欢迎人道主义援助。这是缅甸作出的一个不常见的举动。分析人士说,缅甸军政府过去一直拒绝接受外国援助,因为怕被别的国家看作软弱。Burmese officials called for aid including roofing materials, medicine, tents, blankets, and water purifying tablets. Thailand, Burma's neighbor and one of its biggest trading partners, announced it would airlift aid on Tuesday. The disaster comes at a sensitive time for Burma's military junta, which is trying to build credibility in the face of international criticism over its violent crackdown last year on Buddhist monks and other mostly peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators. 这次灾难发生的时候,对缅甸军政府来说是一个敏感的时刻。由于国际社会谴责缅甸军政府去年镇压佛教僧侣和其他倡导民主的示威者,缅甸军政府正在试图树立威信。The generals say they plan to go ahead with a constitutional referendum next Saturday. They say the vote is another step in the process of returning Burma to democracy following more than four decades of military rule. Members of the international community, including the ed States, have called the referendum a sham because the drafting of the document excluded the country's main opposition groups. 缅甸军政府的将军们表示,他们将按计划在星期六举行制宪公投。他们说,制宪公投是缅甸经历了40多年军人统治后在重返民主的进程中迈出的又一个重要步骤。包括美国在内的国际社会称这次公投是虚假的,因为宪法起草过程将缅甸的主要反对党排除在外。Professor Win Min, an expert on Burmese politics at Chiang Mai University in neighboring Thailand, says the government is taking a risk by pushing ahead with the referendum at a time when people are struggling to survive and recover from the disaster."Now, people may see nothing to lose and people may even get angry that the government is not really caring about them, but just caring about the referendum," he said. "The urgent need for the people is not the referendum, but relief."Adding to public frustration are rising prices of basic goods. Reports from Rangoon said the price of gasoline and some basic food products quadrupled since the cyclone hit. The ed Nations said it was sending a disaster assessment team into the country in an effort to mobilize aid. It is not clear how much access the team will have inside Burma. The Burmese authorities normally enforce tight restrictions on the movements of aid organizations in the country.200805/37703合川那家做输卵管照影好

重庆治疗宫颈糜烂重度多少钱UN: 32 Million Refugees in Need of Protection and Care联合国:3千2百万难民需要照顾  The U.N. refugee agency's annual conference opens in Geneva on Monday. Representatives from the UNHCR's 76-nation governing body will attend the week-long meeting to set the work agenda for the coming year. They will focus on the needs and actions to be taken on behalf of some 32 million refugees, internally displaced, and stateless people that come under the care and protection of the UNHCR.联合国难民事务高级专员公署星期一在日内瓦举行年会。来自难民署领导机构76个国家的代表将出席这次为期一周的会议,确定明年的工作议程。代表们将集中考虑大约3200万难民的需要以及需要采取的措施。这些难民都是联合国难民署照顾和保护的在国内流离失所和没有国家的人。The conference will be asked to approve a budget of .8 billion for the coming year. This large amount of money reflects the growing needs of tens of millions of people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and persecution. 与会代表需要批准年的18亿美元预算。这项金额庞大的预算反映出几千万人不断增长的需要,这些人由于冲突和迫害被迫逃离家园。U.N. refugee spokesman, Ron Redmond, tells VOA, refugee and asylum issues have become more complex in today's world.联合国难民事务高级专员公署发言人雷德蒙德对美国之音说,难民和避难问题在当今世界更加复杂。"You have got environmental degradation which is forcing people to go on the move," he said. "You have got increasing competition for scarce resources, which can result in conflicts which then in displacement. In Darfur, Chad would be an example of that among other things.雷德蒙德说:“环境恶化迫使人们不断搬迁。人们对稀缺资源日益激烈的争夺,会导致冲突,接着就会发生流离失所。在达尔富尔的乍得难民就是这种例子。”The UNHCR now cares for some 11 million refugees as well as 14 million internally displaced people. They, unlike refugees have not crossed international borders, but remain uprooted in their own countries.联合国难民署目前照顾的难民有大约1100万人,还有1400万在各自的国内流离失所的人。这些人跟难民不同,他们没有离开自己的国家,但仍然要背井离乡。Redmond says there are a number of protracted refugee situations that are of great concern. He says millions of uprooted people have been living in camps for decades with no prospect of going home.雷德蒙德说,有许多久拖未决的难民问题需要引起极大关注。他说,成百上千万背井离乡的人在临时居住地生活了几十年,回家的日子遥遥无期。He says U.N. High Commissioner, Antonio Guterres, has launched a special initiative, which he will discuss during the upcoming conference, aimed at finding solutions for five protracted refugee situations.雷德蒙德表示,联合国难民事务高级专员古特雷斯发起一项特别倡议,争取为5个久拖未决的难民问题找到解决途径。在即将举行的难民署年会上,他将跟与会代表讨论这项倡议。These include Eritrean refugees in eastern Sudan, Burundian refugees in Tanzania, Croatian and Bosnian refugees in Serbia, Rohinga refugees in Bangladesh and Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan.这些难民问题包括在苏丹东部的厄立特里亚难民、在坦桑尼亚的布隆迪难民、在塞尔维亚的克罗地亚和波斯尼亚难民、在孟加拉国的罗亨迦难民,以及在伊朗和巴基斯坦的阿富汗难民。He says the UNHCR also is concerned about overall migration patterns in the world. He says refugees often are denied asylum because they are confused with migrants who go to other countries for economic reasons.雷德蒙德说,联合国难民事务高级专员对世界的整体移民格局感到担忧。他说,难民要求避难经常受到拒绝,因为有些国家分不清他们是难民还是因为生计前往这些国家的移民。"One of the major migration patterns we see, of course, is from Africa across the Mediterranean toward Europe as well as using other routes," Redmond said. "Every week, we hear about people from sub-Saharan Africa, for example, getting in boats and going toward the Canary Islands. Just about every week now, we also hear about Africans dying in the Gulf of Aden, Africans fleeing the Horn of Africa, particularly Somalia." 雷德蒙德说:“当然,我们看到的一个主要移民方式是非洲人经过地中海以及其它途径前往欧洲。例如,我们每个星期都能听说非洲撒哈拉以南的人乘船前往加纳利群岛。现在,差不多每个星期我们还听到非洲人在亚丁湾死亡,非洲人逃离非洲之角,特别是逃离索马里的消息。”While major concerns persist, UNHCR spokesman Redmond says there also are many successes.联合国难民署发言人雷德蒙德认为,尽管一些主要问题久拖未决,但是还是取得了许多成就。Last year, he notes more than 700,000 refugees and two million internally displaced people went home, many from the Great Lake Region of Africa. 他提到,去年有70多万难民和200万国内流离失所的人返回家园,其中许多是非洲大湖区的难民。Since the overthrow of the Taliban in 2002, he notes more than four million Afghans have returned home from Pakistan and Iran.雷德蒙德指出,自从阿富汗塔利班政权2002年被推翻以来,已经有400多万阿富汗人从巴基斯坦和伊朗回到自己的家乡。200810/51632 重庆涪陵中心医院取环大概多少钱綦江治疗不孕不育那家医院好

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