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Just like a band or gang of superheroes needs members who have different talents and powers, a circle of friends should have exactly the same thing. It#39;s important to have diversity and to be able to look for support from a variety of sources. They also help us to keep broader perspective on life。就像一个乐队或是一群超级英雄需要具有不同天赋和能力的成员,一个朋友圈也应这样。拥有差异性并且能够从各种来源中寻求持很重要,他们也可以帮助我们拥有更广阔的视野。You need different types of friends in the same way that you need food from different food groups. Different types of friends serve different purposes and nourish and enrich our lives in different ways。你需要不同类型的朋友,就像你需要不同种类的食物一样。不同类型的朋友有不同的作用,他们以不同的方式来丰富我们的生活。While many of us are lucky to count our real friends on one hand, there are certain types of people it’s good to have around. So, how many do you know?虽然很多人都很幸运的拥有真正的朋友,但有几种类型的朋友确实值得拥有。那么你知道几种呢?1. The friend who is cooler than you1.比你更酷的朋友The world changes quickly and some people are just that little bit better at keeping up with what#39;s hip than we are. Like those friends who know that NO ONE EVER says ;hip; any more, for instance. We like to be around these people, because they#39;re a beacon of cool. Cool things just flock to them.这个世界瞬息万变,总有一些人比我们更了解什么是流行,就像有些朋友们知道现在没有人再说“hip”这个词。我们喜欢围绕着这些人,因为他们是流行的指向标。潮流朝着他们蜂拥而至。These are the people who help you to open your eyes, have a flow-on effect for introducing you to other cool people and help to unstick yourself from the rut that#39;s all too easy to get bogged in. These people enrich your life by exposing you to things that may have otherwise have passed you by。这些人开阔了你的视野,让你认识到更多的潮人,使我们打破常规,突破自我。他们向你展示一些你可能已经错过的东西,从而丰富我们的生活。2. The friend who is up for anything2.时刻待命的朋友People are busy, we get it. But there#39;s nothing more frustrating than having to reschedule your re-re-re-scheduled catch-up. Everyone needs a friend who you can call at the drop of a hat. A friend who says ;hell yeah, I#39;m up for that;. That#39;s why it#39;s good to have a mate who you don#39;t need to issue a 28-day notice to just to meet for a frappuccino. It#39;s refreshing (the friend, that is, not necessarily the frappuccino。)我们知道现在每个人都很忙,但最令人沮丧的事就是:你不得不一次次重新安排你的行程。每个人都需要一个随叫随到的朋友,他会对你说:“嗨,我就来。” 我们不需要为了一杯咖啡提前28天预约,这就是拥有这类朋友的好处,这令人感到愉快。(这种朋友不仅可以和你一起喝咖啡的,也可以和你一起经历人生。)This friend is the flexible, no frills friend who makes your life a breeze. Nothing is ever too hard and they#39;re open to doing new things and changing plans at short notice. Their enthusiasm is contagious and you always have more fun when they are around。这种朋友是灵活的,不会摆架子来搅乱你的生活。对他们而言,没有什么事情是不可克的,他们乐于去尝试做一些新鲜而又刺激的事情。他们的热情会感染你,当你待在他们身边时你总能收获更多的欢乐。3. The friend who you aspire to be3.令你渴望成为他那种人的朋友Oprah Winfrey once said: ;Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher;. And we all need to live life a little bit closer to Oprah. These people challenge you to be the best version of yourself. The only downside is that sometimes they can be infuriating and inspiring in equal measure. This friend is only an important role model if they behave in ways that are authentic and genuine. They will see the best in you and give you important feedback on both your strengths and weaknesses.;奥普拉·温弗瑞曾说:“和那些可以让你提升自己的人在一起。” 我们都需要像奥普拉那样生活。这些人可以激励你变得更优秀,唯一的不足就是,有时在他们激励你的时候又会使你恼羞成怒。如果他们的行为是真诚的,那么他们就是你很重要的行为榜样。他们会看见你最好的一面,也会指出你的优劣。4. The friend who doesn#39;t know any of your other friends4.与你其他朋友不相干的朋友We like integration. We like killing two birds with one stone by catching up with several groups of friends at once. But there are times when you need to make an S.O.S call to a friend who is completely uninvolved and removed from a situation who can offer objective advice so it a bonus that your friendship exists without orbiting around your other ones.我们喜欢结伴而行,我们喜欢同时交好多朋友以达到一箭多雕的目的。但是有时我们需要一个可以发出“急救信号”的朋友,他与这件事毫不相干但是可以提供客观的建议。你们的友谊在这个朋友圈之外也可以存在,这是一件令人高兴的事。There is a level of privacy to this friendship that doesn#39;t exist in friendship circles. It will be easier to share some of your hopes and dreams, fears and concerns knowing that they are not going to be discussed when you#39;re not around。这种朋友圈之外的友谊拥有一定程度的隐私。你可以很轻松的倾诉你的希望、梦想、恐惧和担忧,而不用担心你不在场时被别人议论。5. The friend who is painfully honest5.犀利却诚实的朋友An honest friend will not always tell you what you want to hear, but they#39;ll certainly tell you what you need to know like if he/she is really that into you. When you#39;ve got a crisis on your hands or need to make a quick decision they are your go-to. They#39;re also there to keep you away from mixing paisleys and stripes.一个诚实的朋友不会总讲那些你想听的话,但如果他/她是真的关心你,他们会不时的讲一些你想知道的事。在紧要关头或面临进退两难的境地时,他们就是你的首选。他们会让你远离那些麻烦事。This type of friend has the strength of feedback and is a pearl who will tell it to you straight when others won#39;t or will sugarcoat things at the very least. This friend is someone who does it with good intentions and for your own benefit。这种朋友有很强的反馈力,他会直言不讳的告诉你别人不愿说或掩饰的事实。这种朋友这样做是出于好意,是真心为你着想的。6. The friend you#39;ve known than you#39;ve known yourself6.了解你更胜于你了解自己的朋友History. Sometimes it works to your advantage, other times it doesn#39;t. This is that friend who sees you out of the context of your job, your relationship, your other friends and your life as it is now. This is the friend who knew you when you had pimples and a bowl cut.历史有时候会对我们产生有利的影响,有时候则相反。这些是能看到你的工作背景、人际关系、恋爱关系和现有生活之外的朋友。他们知道你什么时候有过粉刺,什么时候剪过西瓜头发型,他们非常了解你。There is something special about this person because they feel like home. It#39;s nice and comforting to be around someone who has known you forever. This is a friend you never have to put on a brave face for. They know you better than you know yourself and accept you unconditionally.在他们身上有一些特别的东西,让你感觉像家人一样亲切。和了解你的人待在一起,会让你感觉很舒。你不必在他们面前故作坚强,他们比你更了解你自己,而且毫无条件的接受你。 /201211/207788Dire predictions of market collapses and economic gloom in 2012 have so far proven overly pessimistic. But what should investors do to continue making money the rest of the year? 有些人曾预测2012年金融市场可能崩溃,经济前景一片黯淡,但从目前来看,这一预测过于悲观。投资者该如何去做,才能在今年余下的几个月里继续赚钱? In January, many expected Europe#39;s debt woes to sp from Greece to the rest of the euro zone, China#39;s economic growth rate to falter and the U.S. to be once again gripped by a midyear market scare, if not necessarily one triggered by a debt-ceiling debate and a debt downgrade. 2012年1月,许多人认为欧债危机会从希腊蔓延到整个欧元区,中国经济增速徘徊不前,美国股市将在年中因债务上限争论或债务降级等因素再度遭遇抛售恐慌。 Given those concerns, many investors predicted the price of U.S. Treasurys, which do well when investors are fearful, would rise and the price of stocks and other risky assets would fall. 在这种考虑下,很多投资者认为美国国债(往往在市场恐慌时表现较好)的价格会上涨,股票和其他风险资产的价格会下跌。 Treasury prices did indeed rise, while their yields, which move in the opposite direction, fell to record lows. But the Standard amp; Poor#39;s 500-stock index has gained nearly 14% so far this year, while high-yield #39;junk#39; bonds have returned nearly 10%. In fact, most major asset classes are in positive territory for the year. 国债价格确实上涨了,与国债价格反向运动的国债收益率跌至历史低位,但标普500股票指数(Standard amp; Poor#39;s 500-stock index)今年至今也已上涨近14%,高收益“垃圾债券”的回报率接近10%。事实上,今年大多数的主流资产类别都实现了正收益。 Behind the solid performance: European policy makers have been proactive in dealing with the Continent#39;s problems, the decline in China#39;s growth rate might be coming to an end, and the U.S. economy hasn#39;t slipped into a recession. 撑这些坚实投资业绩的是:欧洲政策制定者积极主动应对欧洲大陆面临的各种问题,中国的经济增长率可能止跌回升,美国也没有陷入另一次经济衰退之中。 Yet substantial uncertainties remain, ranging from the Federal Reserve decision on whether to launch another round of bond buying, China#39;s leadership transition and Europe#39;s wobbly single-currency zone. 不过,未来还有很大的不确定性,如美联储(Federal Reserve)会不会展开新一轮的国债购买行动,中国领导层的交接问题,以及欧洲摇摇欲坠的单一货币体制等。 To top it off, the U.S. elections in November could determine whether taxes rise or fall next year, and whether budget cuts will take a big chunk out of the gross domestic product. 此外,美国11月份的大选将决定明年税收政策的起伏,以及预算削减是否会给国内生产总值(GDP)带来较大的不利影响。 #39;There are a lot of stresses in the global marketplace and events that could lead to volatility,#39; says Phil Sharkey, head of investments for the New York metropolitan region at Citi Private Bank. #39;You have an opportunity to look at where your portfolio is and consider whether or not you can make some changes.#39; 花旗私人(Citi Private Bank)负责纽约大都市区域投资业务的主管菲尔#8226;沙奇(Phil Sharkey)说,“全球市场还存在很多压力,突发事件风险较大,这都可能导致市场出现波动。你现在可以审视一下自己的投资组合,看看是否有需要调整的地方。” The key for investors is to find investments that still have room to rally during the next four months, but also can weather the potential downturns. Here are six ideas, culled from interviews with money managers and other experts: 对投资者来说,最关键的是要找到一些投资品种,既能在今年未来四个月中保持上涨空间,又能抵御经济低迷的风险。《华尔街日报》采访了投资经理和其他一些专家,总结出以下六大投资思路: High-Yield Bonds 高收益债券 Yes, corporate junk bonds have rallied nearly 10% this year. And, yes, their yields have dropped to 6.87%, near their lowest level in at least 15 years. Still, the asset class offers the chance to earn solid returns for the rest of the year. 没错,企业垃圾债券今年已经上涨近10%;没错,它们的收益率已跌至6.87%,接近至少15年以来的最低点。不过,在未来数月,该资产类别仍有机会获得良好的投资收益。 Default rates are low, as the economy is doing just well enough for issuers to make their payments-and the Federal Reserve has promised to keep interest rates at rock-bottom levels. #39;You#39;re kind of in the sweet spot,#39; says Eric Stein, manager of the Eaton Vance Strategic Income fund, which had 29% of its .9 billion portfolio in high-yield investments as of June 30. 企业垃圾债券的违约率很低,因为经济运行情况尚好,发债方能按时付本息──而且美联储也已承诺继续把利率维持在极低的水平。伊顿万斯收入战略基金(Eaton Vance Strategic Income fund)的投资经理艾瑞克#8226;斯坦恩(Eric Stein)说,“目前正是天时、地利、人和。”截至2012年6月30日,该基金管理的29亿美元有29%放在高收益投资品种上。 The rally, though, has made it tougher to find value. Michael Lewitt, a portfolio manager at Cumberland Advisors, which has .1 billion under management, says that he is looking at short-term triple-C-rated bonds-those near the low end of the rating scale-that were the result of leveraged buyouts done right before the financial crisis. 不过,企业垃圾债券的整体上扬也让寻找价值洼地变得相对困难。美国坎伯兰顾问公司(Cumberland Advisors)管理着21亿美元的资产,其投资组合经理迈克尔#8226;莱维特(Michael Lewitt)说,他正在关注投资级别为CCC的短期债券──即在评级标准上接近最差等级的品种──这些债券大多是金融危机爆发前不久因杠杆收购而产生的。 The issuers might have taken on too much debt, he says, but many still have solid businesses, limiting the chance of defaults. 莱维特说,这些发债方的债务负担也许很重,但其中不少企业的经营比较稳定,从而降低了违约的可能性。 Junk-bond funds that have been among the top performers this year and during the past three years include Federated High Yield Trust, Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage and Hotchkis amp; Wiley High Yield Fund, according to Lipper. 根据基金情报提供商理柏公司(Lipper)的数据,垃圾债券基金是过去三年及今年至今以来表现最好的基金之一,包括联邦高收益信托基金(Federated High Yield Trust)、富达顾问高收入优势基金(Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage)和Hotchkis amp; Wiley高收益基金(Hotchkis amp; Wiley High Yield Fund)等。 Municipal Bonds 市政债券 Municipal borrowers have gotten a lot of bad press this year, with cities like Stockton and San Bernardino in California filing for bankruptcy protection, sparking fears of more to come. But so far the asset class has weathered those defaults just fine, with the Barclays Municipal Bond index returning about 5% so far this year. 今年,市政借款人的坏消息不断,加州的斯托克顿(Stockton)和圣伯纳地诺(San Bernardino)等城市申请破产保护引发了更多的恐慌。不过,该资产类别目前经受住了违约的冲击,巴克莱市政债券指数(Barclays Municipal Bond index)本年至今的回报率在5%左右。 And since the bonds are tax-free, the returns are that much more valuable than those of other fixed-income products. 由于市政债是免税的,因此其投资回报的含金量比其他固定收益产品多得多。 The recent bankruptcies #39;are very specific instances of financial trouble,#39; says Guy Benstead, a partner at Cedar Ridge Partners, which manages more than 0 million, speaking of the high-profile defaults. #39;But contagion is just not there.#39; Cedar Ridge Partners公司管理着六亿多美元的资产,其合伙人盖#8226;本斯泰德(Guy Benstead)在谈到近期这些备受瞩目的债券违约时说,“这是一些地方政府出现财政危机的具体体现,但不至于蔓延开来。” Municipal-bond yields are very attractive right now. A 30-year triple-A muni now pays 3.01%, Mr. Benstead says-1.7 percentage points more than an equivalent Treasury, once you factor in the tax break. Some states are even more generous: The average bond issued by New York state, for example, now yields 3.23%. New York is rated double-A by Samp;P. 本斯泰德说,目前市政债的收益率很有吸引力,30年期AAA级品种的利率为3.01%,把免税因素考虑在内的话,要比同期限美国国债的利率多出1.7个百分点。有些州的市政债利率更高。举例而言,纽约州发行的市政债目前平均收益率为3.23%,其在标普的投资等级为AA级。 #39;You can buy tax-free income with close to the same yield as taxable bonds,#39; Mr. Benstead says. 本斯泰德说,“免税债券的收益率已与非免税债券相差无几。” If tax rates look like they will rise in 2013, municipal bonds might get another boost. As part of President Barack Obama#39;s health-care overhaul, high-earning investors will be hit with a 3.8 percentage-point surtax on investment income next year. That makes munis, whose income isn#39;t subject to the tax, that much more attractive, says Ron Roge, chief executive of wealth manager R.W. Roge amp; Co. in Bohemia, N.Y., which oversees more than 0 million. 如果2013年的税率上升,市政债券还将再次走红。作为奥巴马总统(President Barack Obama)医疗改革方案的一部分,明年政府将对高收入投资者额外征收3.8个百分点的利得税。财富管理公司R.W. Roge amp; Co.的首席执行长罗恩#8226;罗杰(Ron Roge)说,这将使免税的市政债券变得更有吸引力。该公司位于纽约州波西米亚市(Bohemia),管理着超过两亿美元的资产。 #39;People will realize they can shelter money in muni bonds,#39; he says. #39;Demand will go up and prices will go up.#39; 罗杰说,“人们会意识到,他们可以把资金投到市政债券这个避风港上。对市政债券的需求将会加大,价格将上涨。” Investment research firm Morningstar#39;s top muni-bond mutual-fund picks include Fidelity Intermediate Municipal Income and Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income. 投资研究机构晨星公司(Morningstar)评选的最佳市政债券共同基金包括富达中级市政收入基金(Fidelity Intermediate Municipal Income)和富兰克林联邦免税收入基金(Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income)等。 Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities 住房贷款抵押债券 During the housing downturn of 2008, few assets were more unloved than so-called nonagency residential mortgage-backed securities-those backed by home loans that weren#39;t insured by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac FMCC -23.33% . 在2008年美国住房市场陷入衰退期间,非机构担保住房贷款抵押债券(nonagency RMBS)是最不受欢迎的;也就是说,这些债券的房屋抵押物没有房利美(Fannie Mae)或房地美(Freddie Mac)提供担保。 But in these days of low yields, nonagency RMBS have suddenly become popular. The reason? Once bad loans are accounted for, their yields average about 7%, more than double the yield on a 30-year Treasury bond. 但在目前的低收益率环境下,非机构RMBS突然变得吃香起来。原因何在?因为即使把不良贷款考虑在内,这些债券的平均收益率约为7%,是30年期美国国债收益率的一倍以上。 They also are benefiting from the fact that no new securities are hitting the market while older bonds are slowly disappearing, as homeowners refinance the loans and pay down their balances, says Michael Murgio, chief investment strategist at GenSpring Family Offices, a wealth-management firm that oversees .4 billion. Genspring Family Offices是一家管理着154亿美元资产的财富管理公司,其首席投资策略师迈克尔#8226;莫奇奥(Michael Murgio)说,还有一点对这种债券是有利的,即没有新债券投放市场,老债券则随着房屋业主的贷款再融资和分期还贷在慢慢消失。 At the same time, the issues that have plagued these securities are slowly being worked out, says Tad Rivelle, chief investment officer for fixed income at asset-manager TCW Group, which oversees billion in U.S. fixed-income assets. 资产管理公司TCW Group的固定收益投资总监泰德#8226;瑞威尔(Tad Rivelle)说,与此同时,将这些债券推入深渊的种种问题正在慢慢得到解决。该公司管理着770亿美元的美国固定收益资产。 Among the positives: Mortgage servicers have been putting the infrastructure in place to deal with defaults; losses on the loans have been steady and could get smaller; and the housing market looks like it could be turning the corner. 各种利好因素包括:抵押贷款务商一直在建立机制应对违约情况;贷款损失金额比较稳定,并有可能减少;住房市场出现复苏迹象。 It is difficult and expensive for small investors to buy RMBS directly. Instead, Lou Stanasolovich of Legend Financial Advisors recommends the Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income mutual fund, which had more than 78% of its portfolio allocated to nonagency RMBS as of the end of June, according to Morningstar. 小投资者直接购买非机构RMBS比较困难,成本也高。Legend Financial Advisors公司的卢#8226;斯塔纳索洛维奇(Lou Stanasolovich)建议买入天使橡木多元化收入(Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income)共同基金。据晨星公司的数据,截至2012年6月底,该基金配置在非机构RMBS上的比重超过78%。 Dividend-Paying Stocks 分红股票 It is tempting to look at the high valuations attached to dividend-paying stocks and say they are overpriced. But investors should remember that the last time government-bond yields were so low was in the 1950s, says Tobias Levkovich, head of U.S. equity strategy at Citigroup. He believes dividend payers could outperform as long as interest rates stay low. 人们可能会注意到分红股票的高估值,因此认为其价格过高。然而,花旗集团(Citigroup)首席美国股票策略师托拜斯#8226;莱夫科维奇(Tobias Levkovich)说,投资者应该记住20世纪50年代美国国债收益率极低的那个时期。他认为,只要利率保持低位运行,分红股票会有更好的表现。 That is especially true if something goes wrong in Europe or elsewhere in the world, says Jim McDonald, chief investment strategist at Chicago-based private bank Northern Trust NTRS +0.13% . 芝加哥私人Northern Trust的首席投资策略师吉姆#8226;麦当劳(Jim McDonald)说,如果欧洲或其他国家爆发危机,分红股票的优势会更明显。 He is telling clients to load up on high-quality U.S. large-cap stocks, as well as on global multinational corporations that are benefiting from U.S. stability and stronger growth in emerging markets. (For more on dividend-stock strategies, see this week#39;s Upside column, page B7.) 他建议客户增持高质量的美国大市值股票,以及那些能从美国保持稳定和新兴市场增长加速中获益的全球跨国公司股票。 With the Bush-era tax cuts for dividends set to expire in 2013, Mr. Levkovich says investors should consider companies that are in a position to raise debt in order to issue special one-time payouts before year-end. In a recent report, Mr. Levkovich said companies like Freeport-McMoRan Copper amp; Gold, FCX +0.08% Marathon Oil MRO -0.95% and Best Buy BBY -0.69% could be candidates for such payouts, based on a screen that looked at debt levels and other measures. 由于小布什(Bush)执政期间的股息减税政策即将于2013年到期,莱夫科维奇建议投资者考虑持有那些有能力在今年年底发行债券用于一次性特别分红的上市公司。在最近一份研究报告中,莱夫科维奇根据对负债水平和其他一些指标的分析,推荐的是弗里波特-麦克莫兰铜金公司(Freeport-McMoRan Copper amp; Gold)、马拉松石油公司(Marathon Oil)和百思买公司(Best Buy)。 Cyclical Stocks 周期性股票 Investors looking for a riskier bet should consider stocks in more economically sensitive sectors of the market known as #39;cyclicals,#39; including tech and energy, some strategists say. Such companies could see a pop if potential economic problems are resolved. 一些策略师表示,追求高风险高收益的投资者可以考虑对经济环境更为敏感的“周期性”板块,包括高科技和能源类股票等。如果经济方面的潜在问题得以解决,这些上市公司的表现会有长足进步。 For example, cyclical stocks could benefit if U.S. economic data improve this fall after the early summer#39;s run of soft numbers, says Barry Knapp, chief equity strategist at Barclays BARC.LN +3.57% . They also could rally if the U.S. elections provide clarity on taxes and budget cuts. 巴克莱(Barclays)首席股票策略师巴里#8226;纳普(Barry Knapp)说,举例而言,如果美国的经济数据继今年夏初的疲软后有所复苏,周期性股票将获益良多。如果美国大选在税收政策和预算削减问题上扫清迷雾,这些股票也可能大涨。 A lower-risk, if more complicated, bet would be buying call options, which give investors the chance to buy an asset at a predetermined price, on industrial stocks, Mr. Knapp says. 纳普说,一个风险相对较低、但可能更为复杂的做法是买入工业类股票的看涨期权,从而让投资者能以事先确定的价格购买资产。 Cyclical stocks also have the benefit of being cheap. In the three months since the market#39;s recent low on June 12, the Samp;P 500 rallied 8.5%, but cyclicals underperformed #39;defensive#39; stocks by about 0.3%, according to Credit Suisse CSGN.VX +2.26% research. 周期性股票还有一个好处,就是便宜。据瑞士信贷集团(Credit Suisse)的数据,从2012年6月12日的市场近期低点以来,近三个月标普500指数上扬了8.5%,但周期性股票的表现落后于“防御型”股票0.3个百分点左右。 That is highly unusual: During the past 30 years, it has happened just 10 times, the last time in 2006. During six of those episodes, the markets continued to rally, with cyclical stocks taking the lead. 这十分不正常:过去30年来,这种情况只发生过10次,最近一次是在2006年。在这10次中,有六次市场继续上涨,而领军的正是周期性股票。 Energy stocks now have a 12-month forward price/earnings ratio of 11.5, compared with the Samp;P 500#39;s P/E ratio of 12.8. Industrial stocks have a P/E ratio of 12.6. 目前,能源类股票的未来12个月市盈率(P/E)为11.5,而标普500指数的市盈率为12.8,工业类股票的市盈率为12.6。 Low-cost exchange-traded funds that track cyclical stocks include the Industrial Select Sector SPDR XLI +0.49% and the Energy Select Sector SPDR XLE -0.04% . 投资者可以选择低成本的跟踪周期性股票的交易所交易基金(ETF),如Industrial Select Sector SPDR和Energy Select Sector SPDR等。 Emerging-Market Bonds 新兴市场债券 Despite the slowdown in economic growth that has hit much of the developing world, bonds issued by emerging-market nations still look attractive. Such markets used to be considered debt-laden and volatile; these days they offer cleaner balance sheets and economic growth. 虽然许多发展中国家的经济增长都出现放缓,但新兴市场国家发行的债券依然具有吸引力。以往人们认为这些国家的债务水平高,市场波动性大,但现在看来,新兴国家的资产负债表更健康,经济增长能力较强。 They also offer something you can#39;t get with most developed-market government bonds: yield. The payouts might not be astronomical, but they are much better than those offered by Treasurys, Mr. Stein says, whose .4 billion Eaton Vance Global Macro Absolute Return fund owns the bonds of Malaysia, the Philippines and Mexico. The fund has returned 2.02% so far this year and has a yield of 3.64%. 新兴市场债券还能提供绝大多数发达国家政府债券所欠缺的东西:收益率。斯坦恩说,虽然新兴市场债券的收益率不算太高,但也比美国国债好得多。他管理的64亿美元规模的伊顿万斯全球宏观绝对收益基金(Eaton Vance Global Macro Absolute Return fund)持有马来西亚、菲律宾和墨西哥的债券。该基金本年至今的投资回报率是2.02%,债券收益率为3.64%。So far this year, emerging-market bonds denominated in U.S. dollars have returned close to 12%, nearly four percentage points more than such bonds denominated in local currencies. 今年至今,以美元计价的新兴市场债券的回报率接近12%,比以当地货币计价的此类债券高出近四个百分点。 That might be about to change. David Rolley, co-head of the global fixed-income group at money manager Loomis Sayles, says local currency bonds offer more opportunity than those denominated in U.S. dollars, though investors should expect more volatile price swings. #39;Some have been very volatile,#39; he says. #39;But there#39;s better value in local currency bonds.#39; 这种情况可能即将发生变化。资产管理公司Loomis Sayles的全球固定收益联席经理戴维#8226;罗利(David Rolley)说,以当地货币计价的新兴市场债券有更大的投资机会,当然,其价格波动性可能也更大。罗利说,“有些债券波动性非常大,但更具投资价值。” /201208/197076




  Millionaire   百万富翁CEO: ;My wife made a millionaire out of me.;   主管:我妻子使我成为百万富翁。Assistant: ;What were you before?;   助手:以前你是什么?CEO: ;a multimillionaire.;主管:千万富翁。内容来自: /201303/230691Among the slew of end-of-decade and end-of-year wrap-up lists, there were several tallies of the most popular names of recent years (as well as predictions for name-trends of the future。) But If you are pondering giving your baby a distinctive name - like, say, Garland or Malcolm - you might want to think again。随着2009年的结束,以及21世纪第一个十年落幕,众多年度及十年盘点纷纷出炉,其中包括几项对近年来最热门名字的统计(以及对未来哪些名字会受到青睐的预测)。不过,如果你正考虑给自己的孩子取个特立独行的名字,比如贾兰德或马尔科姆,那我劝你三思而后行。Not only do kids with unusual names tend to rise to the top of big companies less often than others, but they also are more likely to wind up in jail。名字特别的孩子不仅更难进入大公司的高层,而且蹲监狱的几率会大一些。Names like Michael, David, John, James, Richard, Paul, Edward and Robert are significantly more common among Fortune 1000 CEOs, compared with that same age group in the population as a whole, USA Today reported recently. (Not enough women appear among corporate leaders to assess the relative clout of female names。)根据《今日美国》报近日公布的一项调查结果,在《财富》1000强企业的首席执行官中,名字为迈克尔、戴维、约翰、詹姆斯、理查德、保罗、爱德华和罗伯特的人所占的比例远远高于同一年龄组的总人口中叫这些名字的人所占比例。(由于女性企业家数量过少,关于女性名字的相关调查没有进行。)Separately, a scholarly study reported earlier this year showed that juveniles in jail, on probation or otherwise in trouble with the law had an above-average likelihood of having unpopular names - such as Walter, Ernest, Ivan, Kareem, Malcolm, Preston or Garland. The study compared juvenile delinquents#39; names with those of the population as a whole in a large, populous state. Researchers found youth with common names, such as Michael, Matthew, Christopher, David, Ryan or Brian, were less likely to get in trouble. The research, conducted at Shippensburg University, appeared in Social Science Quarterly。此外,2010年初的一份学术研究报告显示,入狱、缓刑和违法的青少年拥有特别名字的几率超出平均水平,如沃特、厄内斯特、伊万、凯林姆、马尔科姆、布莱斯顿或贾兰德等。研究人员将少年犯的名字与一个人口众多的美国大州的青少年名字进行对比,发现拥有普通名字的年轻人,如迈克尔、马修、克里斯托弗、戴维、瑞恩或布莱恩等,犯事的可能性更低。这项研究是由宾州西盆斯贝格大学做出的,报告刊登在《社会科学季刊》上。Of course, many people with unusual names - Barack, for example, or Oprah - have done fine. A child#39;s name alone doesn#39;t shape his or her life. The Shippensburg study found unusual names were linked with other factors that make life harder for kids, such as a weaker family structure, poverty or low education. Kids with popular names tended to live among higher-income, better-educated populations. For example, the name Allison is usually selected by mothers with 17 or more years of schooling, and bypassed by mothers without a high school diploma。当然,也有许多独特的名字,如贝拉克和欧普拉,没有出现这种问题。孩子的命运不可能光凭名字就能决定。西盆斯贝格大学的研究发现,与众不同的名字跟其他一些因素存在关联性,这些因素会让孩子的日子不好过,如家庭关系紧张、贫穷或受教育程度低等。拥有热门名字的孩子往往生活在收入较高、教育水平较高的圈子当中。举例而言,为孩子选择艾利森这个名字的母亲通常受过17年或以上的正规教育,而没有读过高中的母亲往往跳过这个名字。Other research has suggested, however, that uncommon names can have a direct impact on kids, embarrassing them in their formative years, the USA Today story says. While parents might want their children to feel special or unique, it may be better to give children names that encourage them to be team players and put ego aside。不过,《今日美国》的报道说,其他一些研究显示,特立独行的名字会给孩子带来直接影响,让他们在性格形成过程中因为自己的名字而感到尴尬。虽然父母的本意可能是让孩子感到特殊和与众不同,但如果不那么在意个性,给孩子起个普通名字以鼓励他们融入集体,效果可能会更好。Also, adults may treat kids with unusual names differently in handing out opportunities; one widely reported experiment found that among 5,000 resumes sent to prospective employers, job applicants with names that suggested an African-American background were less likely to receive interview callbacks。此外,成年人在提供各种机会时,可能会另眼看待名字特别的孩子。一项被媒体广为报导的试验发现,在用人企业收到的5,000份简历中,名字像黑人的应聘者得到面试通知的几率更低。Jugglers have had animated discussions in the past about baby names. How important do you think a name, especially an unusual one, is in setting someone#39;s course in life? Did you think about the social or career effects of the names you chose for your children?以往,已有不少人围绕着该给孩子起什么名字的话题展开过热烈讨论。你觉得名字,尤其是特别的名字,对于一个人的人生会产生多大的影响?你在给孩子起名时,有没有考虑过名字会给孩子今后的人际关系或职业生涯带来什么样的影响? /201304/234744

  They had planned on marrying as soon as they graduated from high school but“Uncle Sam”had other ideas.他们计划高中一毕业就结婚,但“山姆大叔”却另有主意。  Most of us know the“Uncle Sam”means the government of ed States. But suppose we don#39;t know it,we will got misunderstanded.  Here the“Uncle Sam”comes from:  “Uncle Sam”是美国人的绰号。它源自1812-1814年间美英战争时期的一个历史传说。相传在纽约州的特洛伊城(Troy)有位年长的肉类加工商,名叫山缪尔·威尔逊(Samuel Wilson)。他勤劳、诚实、能干,很有威信,人们亲切地叫他“山姆大叔(Uncle Sam)”(注:Sam为Samuel的昵称)。这位山姆大叔也是一位爱国者,他与父兄曾参加过美国独立战争。在1812年的美英战争中,他的工厂与政府签了一份为军队生产桶装牛肉的合同,美国政府每当收到他交来的经其亲自检验合格的牛肉,就将肉装入特制的木桶,并在桶上盖上US的记号。由于Uncle Sam的首字母是US,而美国(The ed States)的缩写也是U.S.,于是人们便把这两个名称合二为一了,意即那些经“山姆大叔”之手的牛肉,成了“美国”的财产。于是当地的人们就把“山姆大叔”当成美国的绰号,并逐渐流传开来。  19世纪30年代,美国漫画家根据历史传说,赋予“山姆大叔”形象,于是出现了一个蓄着胡子的高瘦老头形象。他头戴饰星高顶帽,身穿红、白、蓝三色燕尾和条纹裤(美国星条旗的图案)。虽白发苍髯,却精神矍铄,一派威仪。从此,这一形象就成了美国的象征。“山姆大叔”勤劳开朗的性格和爱国热忱,体现了美国人民的天性和精神。因此,1961年,美国国会正式承认“山姆大叔”为美国的民族象征和代表。  美国人的绰号,除了“Uncle Sam”外,还有“Brother Jonathan”和“Yankee”。“Brother Jonathan”代表美国人,源自华盛顿的好友,美国民族英雄、革命志士“Jonathan Trumbull”(1710-1785)。据说,华盛顿经常向他请教问题,而且亲切地唤他作“Brother Jonathan(乔纳森兄弟)”。至于“Yankee”,最初是指在美国东北部新英格兰地区定居的殖民者。在美国南北战争(1861-1865)期间,“Yankee”的含义扩大了。南方军人把北方各州的士兵都叫作“Yankee(北方佬)”。在第一次世界大战(1914-1918)期间,“Yankee”简化成“Yank”。一唱起“The Yanks Are Coming(扬克来了)”这歌,欧洲那些处境艰难的协约国人民无不欢欣流泪。从那时起,“Yankee”对于欧洲人来说,就成了美国兵或美国人的代称了。在拉丁美洲,Yankee拼作Yanqui,在民族独立运动风起云涌的五十年代,长期遭受美国剥削和压迫的拉丁美洲人民发出了Yanqui go home!(美国佬滚回老家去!)的吼声,对美国的经济利益和政治影响可说是一个巨大的打击。 /201304/234139这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:手牵手,一步两步三步四步望着天,看米饭一粒两粒三粒四粒连成线……!译者:koogle

  The Traditions of Western Wedding有旧有新有借有蓝——西方百年婚礼习俗 The wedding tradition of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” has been around for hundreds of years. Many brides have been asked on their respective wedding days if they have gathered something old, new, borrowed and blue to carry with them as they walk down the aisle. The tradition of carrying or wearing one of each item is said to bring luck and fortune to the newly married couple. Have you ever stopped to think what the saying really means﹖ What is its origin and what does each item represent﹖“有旧、有新、有借、有蓝”的婚礼习俗已经有好几百年的历史了。许多新娘在她们举行婚礼的当天都曾被问到是否已经备好了那些“有旧、有新、有借、有蓝”的饰,以穿戴它们缓缓走过教堂内的通道。穿戴这每一件饰的传统据说各有其独特的涵义,但都能够给新婚夫妇带来吉祥和财富。你曾想过这种说法到底是什么意思吗?是如何起源的?每件饰各有何涵义?The original saying dates back to the Victoria times and states, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe.”最初的说法源自维多利亚时代,原文是:“有旧,有新,有借,有蓝;在一只鞋里放一枚六便士的银币。”1、Something old…1、有旧A bride may wear or carry something old to represent her continued ties to her family and her old life. Many brides wear a piece of family jewelry as their old item. Some brides wear the wedding dress worn by their mother or grandmother. In many cases, something old may also be something borrowed.新娘可以穿着或佩戴一样旧衣物来象征她和她娘家及过去生活之间的历史纽带。许多新娘佩戴一件家传的珠宝饰品作为“有旧”的选择。有些新娘穿着她们母亲或祖母穿过的结婚礼。实际上,旧的东西同时也可以是借来的东西。2、Something new…2、有新Wearing something new is supposed to represent success and hope in the bride’s new life and in her marriage. If the bride purchased her wedding dress new, it may represent her new item, but any item that is new may be used. Something “new” is usually the easiest category1 to fill.穿戴一样新衣物是要象征新娘在新生活和婚姻中拥有成功和希望。如果新娘置办的是新的结婚礼,那它就可以是她的“有新”,但是任何别的新饰也是可以的。“有新”常常是最容易做到的。3、Something borrowed…3、有借The borrowed item should be something borrowed from a friend that is happily married. It is suggested that their happiness will rub off on2 you and bring lasting happiness to your marriage. Some brides borrow an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a handkerchief or perhaps a beaded purse.借来的饰应该是从一位已幸福地结了婚的朋友那里借来的。据说他们的幸福会惠及于你,给你的婚姻带来长久的美满。有些新娘会去借来一种衣着用品、一件首饰、一块手帕或者一个饰以珠子的手袋。4、Something blue…4、有蓝Wearing something blue dates back to biblical times when a blue wedding dress was worn to represent purity, fidelity4 and love. Over time this has changed from wearing a blue dress to wearing just a blue band around the bottom of the bride’s wedding dress to modern times where it is commonplace for the bride to wear a blue garter5.穿戴一件蓝色饰源自《圣经》时代,当时蓝色结婚礼代表着纯洁、忠诚和爱情。随着时间的推移,这一传统已从穿蓝色结婚礼,演变成后来的在新娘的结婚礼下摆处缝上一圈蓝色的镶边,再演变到现代的普遍做法——新娘用蓝色的吊袜带。5、Silver sixpence…5、六便士银币Placing a silver sixpence in the bride’s left shoe is said to be a symbol of wealth. This not only refers to financial wealth, but also a wealth of happiness and joy throughout her married life. Since most brides probably don’t even know what a sixpence is, this part of the tradition is not used very often in modern times. However, if a bride would like to include it in her wedding, she can purchase a silver sixpence from many companies that sell bridal supplies such as garters and invitations.在新娘的左脚鞋子里放一枚六便士银币据说是财富的象征。它不仅代表财产上的富有,还代表婚姻生活的幸福与快乐。由于今天许多新娘恐怕连一枚六便士是什么样子都不知道,传统习俗的这一部分在现代婚礼中已经不常被遵守。但是,如果新娘想要在她的婚礼中包括这一项目,她可以从许多出售如吊袜带和请柬等婚礼用品的公司里买到六便士银币。Some brides are more traditional than other and may take a great deal of care in selecting one item for each category. It may be traditional for the women in their families to wear the same piece of jewelry.有些较为传统的新娘或许会花很多心思选择每一件饰。传统的做法是:同一家族的女性佩戴同一件首饰。Other brides aren’t bound by tradition but still may choose to carry out the custom at someone else’s request. If they don’t want to carry numerous items, they may simply carry two handkerchiefs in a small beaded bag–hey may choose to buy a new, white handkerchief and borrow a blue one from a family member. That would provide them with something new–the white handkerchief, as well as something that is old, borrowed and blue–the blue handkerchief. The handkerchief just may come in handy6 during the wedding for drying their joyful tears.而有些新娘不太为传统所束缚,但在别人的请求下也会遵循这一传统。如果她们不想面面俱到,她们可以就携带一个小小的珠子手袋,里面装有两块手帕——她们可以买一块新的白色手帕,然后从家人那里借一块蓝色手帕,这样她们就“有新”——白色手帕,还“有旧、有借、有蓝” ——蓝色手帕。手帕在婚礼中正好可以派上用场——擦拭喜悦的泪水! /201210/205790





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