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这是首轻快的歌,属于乡村流行音乐,加入摇滚的元素,所以节奏感也很强每每听着这首歌,脑子里面都会出现一个画面——一个脚蹬高跟的时尚美丽女郎走在喧哗的大街上,大街上所有的人都在对这个迷人的女子行注目礼...Pretty Woman Sung By Roy Orbison Pretty woman, walking down the street.Pretty woman, the kind I'd like to meet.Pretty woman, I won't believe you're not the truth.No one could look as good as you. (Mercy)Pretty woman, won't you pardon me.Pretty woman I couldn't help but see.Pretty woman, that you look lovely as can be.Girl, are you lonely just like me. (Mercy)Pretty woman, stop a while.Pretty woman, talk a while.Pretty woman, give your smile to me.Pretty woman, yeah, yeah, yeah.Pretty woman, look my way.Pretty woman, say you'll stay with me.Coz I need you.I'll treat you right.Come with me baby, be mine tonight.Pretty woman, don't walk on by.Pretty woman, don't make me cry.Pretty woman,don't walk away OkeyIf that's the way it must be,okeyI guess I'll go home,it's lateThere will be tomorrow night,but waitWhat do I see?Is she walking back to me?Yeah she's walking back to me.Oh,pretty woman! 56as ...as ... 像什么一样tale 传说(舌侧音,舌尖触上齿龈)barely 表示勉强bend 弯腰《Beauty and the beasts——Ariana Grande amp; John LegendTale as old as time如时光般不老的童话连读:tale as/as old /old as重读:oldTrue as it can be如它所呈现的那般真实靠近注意:true的发音连读:as it弱读:as i(t)Barely even friends做朋友都够勉强的了Then somebody bends但却有人做了退让Unexpectedly无法预期尾音发z: friendsbendsJust a little change一点点小小的变化连读:just a重读:just /little浊:littleSmall to say the least细微到几乎可忽略不计small-尾音舌侧音least -长元音Both a little scared两颗忐忑不已的心连读: both a转调:littleNeither one prepared都未曾准备未曾预期注意:scared/prepared 尾音Beauty and the beast美女与野兽的佳话却就此传递Ever just the same世代传颂如一just- t弱化same 闭口鼻音Ever a surprise却时时都有惊喜ever-ra surprise连读: ever aEver as bee/ and ever just as sure/ as the sun will rise如从前那般美丽 那般确信不已 一如太阳依旧如期升起ever-ras连读:ever as连读:just as更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 5037

Dialogue 1Jingjing: Pee yew! What that awful smell?京晶:咿呀,什么味道这么难闻?Xiaogao: Dont look at me! I took a shower today!小高:别看我,我今天洗澡啦Jingjing: No, I mean… something smells like smoke.京晶:不是……我是说好像有烟味Xiaogao: Oh, I recently picked up a bad habit. I started smoking a few weeks ago.小高:哦,我最近养成了一个坏习惯,我几周前开始吸烟了Jingjing: Really? Why did you start doing that?京晶:真的吗?你怎么开始的?Xiaogao: I bummed a cigarette from my friend one day. After that, I got hooked.小高:有一天我从我朋友那儿顺了一根烟,那之后我就上瘾了Jingjing: Well, I think you should kick the habit!京晶:我觉得你应该改掉这个习惯Xiaogao: I want to, but it really hard!小高:我也想,但是真的很难Jingjing: You know what they say: Bad habits are like comtable beds, easy to get into, hard to get out of.京晶:俗话说得好,坏习惯就像舒适的床,上瘾容易,戒掉就难了Xiaogao: You can say that again. So, do you have any suggestions on how to quit?小高:你说得太对了,那你有什么建议吗,怎么能戒烟?Jingjing: I heard the patch works really well. Why dont you give it a try and see if it helps?京晶:我听说戒烟贴片挺管用的,不如你试试?Xiaogao: Okay, Ill give it a shot. Talk to you later!小高:好的,我试试,回聊!Jingjing: Later!京晶:回聊!New words dialogue:Pee yew!\[语气词\]咿呀,闻到坏气味的时候用Dont look at me!别看着我呀,不关我的事bad habit坏毛病bum (something)借、拿某东西,通常是小东西,比如钱和烟get hooked (on something)(对某事)上瘾kick a habit改掉习惯Bad habits are like comtable beds, easy toget into, hard to get out of.坏习惯就像舒适的床,上瘾容易,戒掉就难了the patch戒烟贴片,一种在美国很流行的戒烟方法把贴片贴在身体上,就能在一段时间内帮助人体释放尼古丁give something a shot尝试某事Dialogue Jingjing: Hey, Xiaogao.Were you able to quit smoking yet?京晶:嘿,小高,你戒烟成功了吗?Xiaogao: Yes, thank God! It was really hard, but I finally did it.小高:是的,谢天谢地,确实非常难,但我还是成功了Jingjing: Im sure it was, after all, old habits die hard. So did you use the patch?京晶:非常理解,毕竟习惯很难改变,那你用戒烟贴片了吗?Xiaogao: No, the patch was a rip off, so I didnt buy it.小高:没有贴片太贵了,简直就是抢钱,所以我没买Jingjing: So how did you do it?京晶:那你是怎么做到的?Xiaogao: I went cold turkey. It the cheapest and most effective method there is.小高:我用的简单粗暴法,就是立刻停止吸烟,这是最便宜也最有效的方法了Jingjing: Wow, good you! How do you feel now? Did you have any withdrawals?京晶:哇,好样的,你现在感觉怎么样?有什么不舒吗?Xiaogao: the first three days I had a headache,after that it was smooth sailing.小高:前三天我一直头疼来着,但之后就一帆风顺了Jingjing: Well, Im glad youve given yourself a new lease of life. In the future, dont bum anymore cigarettes!京晶:哇,我很高兴你给了自己一个崭新的开始,以后可别再沾烟了Xiaogao: I learned my lesson, I wont make that mistake again!小高:我已经吸取教训,不会再犯相同的错误了Jingjing: Good! Take care, Xiaogao.京晶:很好,保重,小高Xiaogao: You too, Jingjing!小高:你也是,京晶New words dialogue:Thank god!谢天谢地!Old habits die hard.习惯很难改变go cold turkey.立刻完全停止做某事,不借助任何药物的帮助,也不给自己留时间慢慢来withdrawals副作用,瘾因为没有获得足够自己已经上瘾的物质,例如咖啡因、尼古丁、酒精等,而造成的难受的感觉headache头疼a new lease of life新面貌,在经历一段艰辛后迎来的崭新生活I learned my lesson.吸取了教训指某人犯过一次错误后,不会再犯类似的错误 8

今天跟大家继续分享(粉红猪)的绘本,本期为大家带来的绘本故事是 (皇家派对)咱们听语音,开始今天的故事The Royal Party皇家派对Princess Peppa and Sir George the brave were a little bit bored one day.有一天,佩琪公主和勇敢的乔治爵士有一点无聊So they invited Princess Suzy to the castle to go a ride in their hobbyhorse and carriage.所以他们邀请了苏西公主来到城堡,一起乘坐木马车去兜风When they got back to the castle, all of their friends were there. “Let’s have a Royal Party!” cried Princess Peppa.当返回城堡,他们所有的朋友都到了“我们一起聚办皇家派对吧!” 佩琦公主大声宣布Everyone had so much fun at the Royal Party. They danced and danced until it was time bed!每个人在皇家排队都玩得好开心他们一直跳啊跳啊,直到该上床睡觉了「英语学习笔记」bored adj. 无聊的invite v. 邀请hobbyhorse n. 木马carriage n. 四轮马车Royal adj. 皇家的it is time 到...时候了更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 599




  韩国时报:一些人提出男厕所不应该由女性清洁员来打扫.The Korea Times: A group of lawmakers is pushing to keep cleaning women from men toilets.Shin Geh-ryeon of the main opposition New Politics Alliance Democracy is leading with the support of 5 lawmakers to legislate the ban. A Shin secretary told local media that certainly, there are embarrassing moments when you encounter female cleaners in toilet.The ban would cover all public toilets. 35Catching a Mouse捕鼠记One day a lady saw a mouse running across her kitchen floor. She was very afraid of mouse, so she ran out of the house, got into a bus and went to the shops. There she bought a mousetrap. The shopkeeper said to her, ;Put some cheese in it and you will soon catch that mouse.;一天,一位女士看到一只老鼠从自家厨房的地板上窜过她很害怕老鼠,所以她冲出屋子,搭上了公共汽车直奔商店在那儿,她买了一只老鼠夹店主告诉她:“在里面放点奶酪,很快就会逮住那只老鼠的”The lady went home with her mousetrap, but when she looked in her cupboard, she could not find any cheese in it. She did not want to go back to the shop, because it was very late, so she cut a picture of some cheese out of a magazine and put that in the trap.这位女士带着鼠夹回到家里,但在碗橱里她没有找到奶酪可是天已经很晚了,她不想再跑一趟商店于是,她就从一份杂志中剪下一幅奶酪的图片,放进了夹子Surprisingly, the picture of the cheese was quite successful! When the lady came down to the kitchen the next morning she found a picture of a mouse in the trap beside the picture of the cheese!令人称奇的是,这幅奶酪的图片竟然奏效了!第二天早上,这位女士下楼来到厨房里,在奶酪图片旁边发现了一张画着老鼠的图片! 35301

  英语学习笔记:run into 偶遇/邂逅run something by you 跟你说正经的errand n.差使;差事I gotta run.你们聊,我先走了I’ve got an errand to run.我有点事儿要忙I ran into my favorite band yesterday !我碰到了我最爱的乐队!You always bump into people.因为你总是可以碰到一些熟人I gotta run.我先撤了I want to run something by you.我想跟你说个正事!更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 3737

  Song: HelloArtist: AdelePart 1Hello, it meI was wondering if after all these years youd like to meetTo go over everythingThey say that time supposed to heal ya but I aint done much healingHello, can you hear meIm in Calinia dreaming about who we used to beWhen we were younger and freeIve gotten how it felt bee the world fell at our feetThere such a difference between usAnd a million milesHello from the other sideI mustve called a thousand times to tell youIm sorry, everything that Ive doneBut when I call you never seem to be homeHello from the outsideAt least I can say that Ive tried to tell youIm sorry, breaking your heartBut it dont matter, it clearly doesnt tear you apart anymorePart Hello, how are youIt so typical of me to talk about myselfIm sorry, I hope that youre wellDid you ever make it out of that townWhere nothing ever happenedIt no secretThat the both of us are running out of timeHello from the other sideI mustve called a thousand times to tell youIm sorry, everything that Ive doneBut when I call you never seem to be homeHello from the outsideAt least I can say that Ive tried to tell youIm sorry, breaking your heartBut it dont matter, it clearly doesnt tear you apart anymorebut it wontanymoreanymoreanymoreHello from the other sideI mustve called a thousand times to tell youIm sorry, everything that Ive doneBut when I call you never seem to be homeHello from the outsideAt least I can say that Ive tried to tell youIm sorry, breaking your heartBut it dont matter, it clearly doesnt tear you apart anymore 1955

  Arent Kidss Wonderful?小孩子实在了不起!Mother got on the train with Little Johnny and Little Ronny.妈妈和小强尼、小罗尼一起搭乘火车Little Johnny was full of questions, as usual: ;What an emergency brake, Mommy?;小强尼一如往常问东问西,“妈咪,什么是紧急煞车?;“Why did that policeman ask to see our tickets?;“为什么那位警察叔叔要看我们的车票?;;Why cant I lean out the window?; etc.“为什么身体不能伸出窗外?;等等诸如此类问题His mother was becoming ever more exasperated.妈妈实在忍不住要发脾气了Finally, Little Johnny asked, ;What was that last station we stopped at, Mommy?;最后小强尼又问:“妈咪,刚刚火车停靠的是哪一站?”;I dont know, Johnny, and will you please stop pestering me? Im trying to .;“我不知道,强尼,你可不可以不要烦我,我正在看书呢!”A few minutes of silence passed. Then Johnny said, ;It too bad you dont know what station that was, cause that where Little Ronny got off.;一阵安静后,强尼说:“真糟糕,你竟然不知道罗尼下车的哪个车站; 399336。




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