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贵州市天伦医院医生Individual income tax 个人所得税A: This is the eign. What can I do you?你好,这里是国际税务所,请问有什么帮助的吗?B: This is Tom Black and I am from England. I have something to inquire abou the income tax.我是来自于英格兰的汤姆;布莱克,我想咨询一些关于个人所得税的问题A: Sure, go ahead.好的,请说B: Here the thing. I am a sales representative in China and my company is based on my income in England?事情是这样的,我是我们公司在中国的销售代表,我们公司总部设在英格兰那么请问一下我需要交纳个人所得税吗?A: Well, it depends.这得根据不同情况而定B: On what?那么是根据什么情况呢?A: It depends on how many years you have been in China.是根据你在中国居住的时间的长短而定的B: Well, I have been in China only six months.我刚刚到中国六个月A: You are quite welcome. Bye.很高兴为您效劳,再见;be subject to;意为;受;;的控制;例如:The above offer is made without engagement and all order will be subject to our written acceptance. 以上报盘为虚盘(无约束力),所有订货将以我方书面接受为准 65贵阳天伦不育不育医院属于几甲医院 5.Calvin Coolidge Was A Strange Fellow5.怪胎卡尔文·柯立芝Coolidge was an odd man. He would literally go days without speaking a word, a trait that earned him the name ;Silent Cal.; Coolidge, however, loved childish pranks. His favorite prank was buzzing his aides (or the Secret Service) and hiding from them. He hoped to make them think he had been kidnapped. In all likelihood, his feet sticking out from under the curtain probably gave him away.古怪的柯立芝常常一天一句话也不说,被人们称做;沉默的卡尔;然而,柯立芝喜欢搞有点孩子气的恶作剧,比如他最喜欢藏在他的助手或者特工身后并且发出好像他被绑架了的嗡嗡声,不过因为脚经常被垂到地面的窗帘绊倒才就此作罢He once had his aide fill up a bucket half with water and half with yellow beans. He then told the aide to scrub the brown spots off the beans. Finally, after some time, another staffer came along and told the aide that the only way to get the spots off was with a knife. Another time, at a presidential breakfast with the Congress, the President poured some coffee and cream into a saucer and indicated to the crowd to do the same. Coolidge then leaned down and gave the saucer to his dog. The message was received by the embarrassed crowd.一次,柯立芝让助手在水桶里装水和黄豆各半,洗掉这些黄豆上的污点一会儿,他让另一个人过来告诉助手只有用刀刮才能搞掉这些污点后来在一次和国会议员吃早饭的过程中,他把咖啡奶油倒入茶碟中然后混在一起,并且示意众人也这样做议员们面面相觑,十分尴尬而他自己却偷偷地把这些倒给了他的,不幸被人们逮了个正着.Abraham Lincoln Made A Man Cry.把人弄哭的亚伯拉罕·林肯Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, protected the Union, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, suffered from horrible depression. Unbeknownst to most, though, he was an unrepentant jokester. We could just focus on his endless quips, but this is about practical jokes. Early in his career, Lincoln had a debate with an opponent named Jesse Thomas. After Thomas gave his speech, Lincoln took the stage and decided simply to mimic his rival. Lincoln mocked his opponent voice, exaggerated his movements, and had the crowd in fits. It was such a good caricature that it made his rival cry.亚伯拉罕·林肯不仅废除了黑人奴隶制度,还阻止了联邦分裂也许是因为总统压力过大,他不幸得了抑郁症不过最不为人所知的其实是林肯也有幽默逗比的一面在他事业的早期,他和他的对手杰西·托马斯有一场辩论在托马斯演讲结束后,林肯上台决定模仿他的演讲林肯挖苦似的模仿对手的声音,夸大他的动作,也让观众跟着他一起做就是这样掉节操的模仿让约翰逊哭了起来Dick Taylor was another opponent of Lincoln to experience a practical joke during a speech. Taylor decried Lincoln ;aristocratic; proclivities and extolled his own Spartan virtue. Lincoln sneaked on stage, pulled open Taylor vest, and exposed a shirt decorated with frills and a gold watch chain. Taylor was furious and challenged Lincoln to a duel. Lincoln was allowed to choose the weapons and chose ;cavalry broadswords of the largest size.; The diminutive Taylor was not amused.迪克·泰勒也是林肯的一次演讲中的对手,同样也成为了他戏耍的对象泰勒称赞林肯具有贵族的气质,又说自己很赞同林肯的斯巴达文化美德观点在泰勒演讲时,林肯偷偷上台,扒掉了泰勒的衣,露出了他里面穿的一件小衬衫和一条金表带泰勒顿时勃然大怒,要跟林肯决斗不过林肯选骑兵队用的最大号阔刀来当武器,这让胆小的泰勒立马蔫了3.John F. Kennedy Could Get Mean3.坏坏的约翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪John F. Kennedy had a good friend named Lem Billings. Billings went on a trip to France, met Greta Garbo, and became a bit full of himself. He went so far as to tell Kennedy that he and Garbo were ;an item.; Kennedy decided he couldnt let such boastful actions go unpunished and set up a dinner at the White House himself, Jackie, Billings, and Garbo. Kennedy scheduled Garbo to arrive early and told her his scheme. She was to pretend she had never met Billings bee.约翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪的好朋友雷姆·比林斯有一次去法国旅游,碰到了葛丽泰·嘉宝他有点小得意,告诉肯尼迪他现在和葛丽泰·嘉宝是一对肯尼迪当然受不了好朋友这么得瑟地跟自己显摆,于是他在白宫设宴邀请杰基、比林斯和嘉宝他特意让嘉宝提早来,告诉了她他的小阴谋,让她假装从未见过比林斯When Billings showed up, beaming, he turned to enthusiastically greet his new love, but she only responded with an ice-cold, ;I have never seen this man bee.; the better part of an hour, they sat around and had an awkward dinner, while Billings pleaded and desperately tried to remind Garbo of their time together. Garbo just regarded him as a bug buzzing about her head. Kennedy, the unrepentant prankster, even pretended to offer suggestions, asking Billings if he might have met a Greta Garbo double. It must have been an unreal experience the man, and you have to wonder if he questioned his sanity.于是,当比林斯满面笑容热情洋溢地跟他喜欢的嘉宝打招呼时,她一脸冷漠,说;我压根没见过这个人;晚宴刚开始的一个小时里,气氛一直很别扭,比林斯不停地向嘉宝辩解希望她能记起之前跟他在一起的时光,而嘉宝就把他当作在身边一直嗡嗡作响的臭虫坐在一边的肯尼迪,这个恶作剧的主导者,假装关心地劝比林斯遇到的可能是葛丽泰·嘉宝的双胞胎姊,而不是她本人这么不着边儿的瞎话可能比林斯本人听过后会觉得自己是否真的认错人,还是脑子有问题了.Franklin D. Roosevelt Made A Poop Joke On N.N上搞恶作剧的富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福Franklin D. Roosevelt loved to pull pranks. He would pull childish ones and elaborate ones alike. instance, during his physical therapy in Warm Springs, he would trick his therapist into falling backward into the water. One time, he told a Secret Service member to get on the roof of a farm. He then had the ladder removed and drove away waving at the stranded serviceman. However, Roosevelt best joke might have been one of the first prank calls in history.富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福特别喜欢搞恶作剧,尤其是孩子气的恶作剧比如,他在暖春医院进行物理治疗的那段时间里经常作弄医生掉进水里还有一次,他让特工爬上一个农场的房顶,然后悄悄地挪开梯子上了车,向站在房顶愣神的特工说完拜拜后就驱车走了不过,罗斯福历史上最著名的一次恶作剧是他假冒别人的一次电话A few White House correspondents med a singing group. They were invited to appear on N. While they were on the program, Roosevelt called the show. He disguised his famous voice and told the host he wanted to offer the men a contract. When asked who he worked , the president responded, ;Im the advertising manager the Cascarets,; which was a famous laxative. At the next press meeting, the president revealed his joke by telling all of the other media personnel that the correspondents would need to resign, because they had a job singing on the ;Cascaret Hour.;白宫的几个通讯记者组成一个歌唱团,并受邀在美国全国广播公司电视台(N)表演节目当记者们正在表演节目时,罗斯福掐着嗓子给节目组打电话说他想跟表演人员签个合同当被问到是做什么的时,罗斯福说他是Cascarets泻药公司的广告经理第二天的新闻会议上,罗斯福告诉其他人通讯记者们可能需要辞职,因为他们有了一份泻药公司的工作1.Truman Cheeky Prank1.过分的杜鲁门The buck may have stopped with Harry Truman, but conning a person into facing their phobia certainly did not. Truman was set to take a trip to South America, and a group of reporters were coming with him. One of them, Tony Vaccaro, was deathly afraid of needles and was very relieved that he did not have to get a painful yellow fever shot. When Truman found out about Vaccaro fear, he decided to have some fun.没有什么能挡住哈里·杜鲁门用别人的恐惧症来捉弄人杜鲁门有一次被派去出行南非,随同的还有一帮记者他们当中有一个名叫托尼·瓦卡罗的记者特别害怕打针,去之前他确信他不用注射黄热病疫苗当杜鲁门发现这时,他决定捉弄一下瓦卡罗Truman instructed a White House physician to tell Vaccaro that the policy had been changed, and the shots were no longer merely optional. Vaccaro began freaking out as he was essentially pushed into a clinic room while screaming, ;I dont believe in shots!; When Vaccaro entered the office, he saw a giant hypodermic needle, the size a veterinarian would use on a horse, filled with a sinister red fluid. Vaccaro was terrified but turned around anyway. He had a job to do, and if it meant getting stabbed in the buttocks with his worst nightmare, by God, he was going to do it. The ;doctor; then entered and told Vaccaro, ;This wont hurt a bit, Tony.; Vaccaro immediately recognized the President voice. He felt immense relief and offered the priceless response (presumably while his pants were still down), ;Mr. President, I do not usually greet Presidents of the ed States from this position.;杜鲁门让白宫的一位医生告诉瓦卡罗政策改了,疫苗注射不再是自愿的了瓦卡罗听后开始坐立不安,当他被拉到诊所时,一边大叫;我不想打针!;一边死活不想进进去后,当他看到医生拿着兽医用的那种型号的装满红色液体的注射器,想到这要扎到自己屁股上去,感到非常恐惧,但还是转过身去做好打针准备,因为他毕竟还要做这份工作,不能为此丢了饭碗一会儿,;医生;进来对瓦卡罗说;这不会对你有什么伤害,放轻松点,托尼;,这时瓦卡罗一下就认出这是总统的声音,顿时如释重负,回答说;总统先生,我通常不想在这种情况下跟您打招呼;(推测这时的瓦卡罗应该解开了裤子准备打针)翻译:Time 来源:前十网 1安顺市妇幼保健院宫腔镜手术费用

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