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It may be a la mode to create lighter versions of our favourite snacks but one company has taken the trend rather literally.创意美食,点“亮”生活。不过,一家公司当真做到了把那些最受人们欢迎的副食“点亮”了。The world#39;s first glow in the dark ice cream was handed out to a cinema audience who were surprised to find their snacks glowed a fluorescent yellow when the lights went out.一群电影院的观众得到了世界上第一款在黑暗中发光的冰淇淋,他们惊讶的发现,当影厅灯熄灭之后,他们手中的美食闪着荧黄色的光芒。The futuristic frozen treat has been developed for Wall#39;s Ice Cream by food designers Bompas and Parr.这款前卫的冷饮是食物设计师邦帕和帕尔在和路雪的“可爱多”的基础上设计而成的。The sci-fi style snack appears to be nothing more than a normal mint Cornetto however once under UV lighting the sweet treat lights up in luminous colours.乍看之下,这种科幻风格的小吃似乎仅仅是一直普通的薄荷口味可爱多甜筒,但是,在紫外光的照耀下,这甜点会发出亮闪闪的光芒。According to Wall#39;s this is a world first and means that cinema goers can avoid a sticky spillages as they are able to see what they#39;re eating even in the dark.和路雪公司称,这是世界上第一款发光的冰淇淋,如此一来,看电影的人即使是在黑暗中也能看清自己吃的是什么,就能避免冰淇淋溢出来黏黏糊糊的粘在身上了。In order to create the gleaming gelato the ice cream is mixed with riboflavin which gives out a glow when under certain UV lights.为了制造出发光的冰淇淋,研究者在冰淇淋里加了核黄素,这种核黄素能在特定的紫外光照射下发光。Despite the fact that mobile phones are banned in cinema theatres as the light they give out provides a distraction,Bompas and Parr insist that the ice creams won#39;t create the same problem.虽然影院禁止观众使用手机,以免造成干扰,但邦帕和帕尔坚称这款冰淇淋不会制造同样的麻烦。The team at Bompas have since been developing further glow in the dark desserts using luciferin enzymes from genetically modified bacteria.邦帕的研究团队一直在研究通过转基因细菌提炼的萤光素酶制作在黑暗中发光的甜点的方法。#39;This is something quite special,#39; Bompas told Dezeen magazine #39;Using the same enzyme that fireflies and jellyfish use to fluoresce - that we use to make a fancy sauce for the dessert.#39;邦帕在接受设计杂志时说:“用和萤火虫和水母发光所用的生物酶同类的物质来制作一种特殊的调料,加在甜点里,这确实饶有意趣。”Although a fluorescent pudd may seem anything other than natural the team insist that it is a completely wholesome process...sort of, saying: #39;It#39;s totally organic and natural, if you#39;re okay with genetically modified organisms.#39;如果布丁会发光,似乎确不太自然,可是研究团队坚称,这种食品加工程序是全然无害的,他们说:“研制出来的发光食物完全是有机天然的,如果你不介意一点转基因的有机物的话。” /201411/345151。

Toshiba created a very realistic looking android named Junko Chihira to work in a new tourist information center in Japan.东芝公司创造了一款被称作Junko Chihira的仿真版智能机器人,这款机器人在日本新开的一家旅游信息中心工作。The bot can speak Japanese, Chinese, and English and made her debut a few weeks ago in Aqua City Odaiba, a shopping center on Tokyo#39;s waterfront, according to a press release. Currently, Junko Chihira is greeting visitors as they walk in, but in December, the android will be able to provide tourists with information on events occurring in the area.据新闻报道,这款机器人会说日语、中文和英语三门语言,几周前她在东京台场的购物中心首次亮相。最近,Junko Chihira 正在进行迎宾务,到今年12月份,她将能够为游客提供发生在这一地区的各种信息。Junko Chihira is the successor to another Toshiba android named Aiko Chihira, who served as a receptionist in a department store in Japan in April. Aiki Chihira was created using technology developed by Hiroshi Ishiguro, a robotics researcher at Osaka University in Suita, Japan, according to a YouTube .Junko Chihira是东芝另一款名为Aiko Chihira的机器人的后续产品,后者从今年四月份开始在日本的一家百货公司里做前台接待人员。YouTube 视频报道称,Aiko Chihira是由日本大阪大学的机器人专家Hiroshi Ishiguro研发的。Like Aiki Chihira, Junko Chihira can so far only respond with scripted, pre-set speech. But Junko Chihira will gain speech recognition capabilities by 2017 so that it can respond to tourists#39; questions.像Aiki Chihira一样,Junko Chihira 目前仅能按照预先设定的台词脚本说话。但等到2017年,Junko Chihira 将增添语言识别能力,从而可以对游客提出的问题进行答复。Additionally, Junko Chihira can speak one more language than its predecessor — Chinese, according to the Japan Times.此外,据日本时报报道,比起之前的机器人,Junko Chihira还会讲中文。Not only is Junko Chihira designed to look like a human, but was given qualities to make it more realistic. The press release notes that the android, which stands at 5 feet and 5 inches, is 26 with a June 1 birthday.Junko Chihira 不仅看起来像人类,而且被赋予了许多特性,这让她更加真实。报道称,Junko Chihira有5英尺5英寸高,6月1日是她的生日,现在已经26岁了。Toshiba plans on releasing more android robots in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to help assist tourists, the press release adds.报道补充道,东芝公司还计划为2020年东京奥运会制作更多的机器人来帮助游客。Japan has been increasingly turning to robotics in preparation for the Olympics. Robotic bulldozers led by drones are helping with construction for the Olympics due to a labor shortage in Japan.日本已经越来越多地依靠机器人为奥运会做准备。由于日本劳动力短缺,无人机指导下的机器人推土机正在参与奥运会的建设。An android robot is also be used as the lead in a new Japanese movie.一款智能机器人在一部即将上映的日本电影中担任主角。 /201511/412611。

Xuankong Temple悬空寺Xuankong Temple, located 5 kilometers south of Hunyuan town in Shanxi Province; is perched on the cliff of Mount Hengshan. It is one of the key cultural relics sites under state protection and the only temple in existence featuring the cultures of the three Chinese religions, i. e. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. First built in the late Northern Wei more than 1400 years ago, Xuankong Tem-pIe was taken as the Taoist altar when the Northen Wei Dynasty moved the initial Taoist altar in Pingcheng (now Datong City) southward there. The ancient craftsmen built this temple in accordance with the Taoist requirement of ;not hearing the sound of cock crowing and dog barking;. lt was later renovated in the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Xuankong Temple, about so meters above the ground,developed the traditions and siyles of architecture in our country. The architectural features of the temple can be summarized in three characters, that is, ;Qi; ( surprising) , ;Xuan; ( hanging) and ;Qiao; ( ingenious). What is ; surprising; is ;its design and location selection. In a small basin in the deep valley, the temple hangs in the middle of the cliff, the top protruding part of which, like an umbrella ,protects it from the erosion of the rain. Besides, the surrounding mountains reduce the time of sunshine streaming into the temple. The favorable geographical location is one of the important reasons Xuankong Temple can be well preserved. ; Hanging; is another feature of the temple, which, with a total of 40 halls, was proppeded up by ten bowl-mouth-thick wooden beams on the surface. In fact, some of them do not bear any load at all. The temple, with its centre of gravity actually in the hard rocks, took as its base the beams partially inserted into the cliff in the light of the principle of mechanics. The ;ingenuity; of the temple can be displayed in its corformity with the local conditions in the building process. The craftsmen, taking full advantage of the natural state of the cliff, arranged and built the various parts of the temple, making the layout and design of the plain architectural structure for the ordinary temples ingeniously realized in the three-dimensional space. There are in the temple over 80 Buddha statues. Xuankong Temple has gained for its mystery and ingenuity a reputation in the history of ancient and modern architecture. We could not help expressing our admiration and surprise for its audacity, ingenuity and dauntlessness, not only in the design methods but in the architectural conceptions. Li Bai, after visiting Xuankong Temple in the 23rd year of Kaiyuan of the Tang Dynasty (735) , wrote the two characters ;Zhuang Guan; ( meaning magnificent and imposing) on the cliff. The great traveller in the Ming Dynasty, Xu Xiake, once called the temple ;a great scenery in the world;.悬空寺座落在中国山西省浑源县城南5千米处,北岳恒山的绝壁之上。是全国重点文物保持单位,是国内仅存的佛、道、儒三教合一的独特寺庙。悬空寺始建于1400多年前的北魏晚期,北魏王朝将道家的道坛从平城,今大同南移到此,古代工匠根据道家“不闻鸡鸣犬吠之声”的要求建设了悬空寺。后金、元、明、清各代均有修缮。悬空寺距地面高约50米,悬空寺发展了我国的建筑传统和建筑风格,其建筑特色可以概括为“奇、悬、巧”三个字。值得称“奇”的是,建寺设计与选址,悬空寺处于深山峡谷的一个小盆地内全身悬挂于石崖中间,石崖顶峰突出部分好像一把伞,使古寺免受雨水冲刷。四周的大山也减少了阳光的照射时间。优越的地理位置是悬空寺能完好保存的重要原因之一。“悬”是悬空寺的另一特色,全寺共有殿阁40间,表面看上去撑它们的是十几根碗口粗的木柱,其实有的木柱根本不受力,而真正的重心撑在坚硬岩石里,利用力学原理半插飞梁为基。悬空寺的“巧”体现在建寺时因地制宜,充分利用峭壁的自然状态布置和建造寺庙各部分建筑,将一般寺庙平面建筑的布局、形制等建造在立体的空间中,设计非常精巧。寺内有佛像80多尊。“悬空寺”以其玄妙的特点誉满古今建筑史。无论是从宅的设计构思,还是它的建筑构想,它的大胆、它的奇巧、它的无畏都可以说是让人惊慕不已,慨叹不尽!唐开元二十三年(735),李白游览悬空寺后,在石崖上书写了“壮观”二字,明代大旅行家徐霞客称悬空寺为“天下巨观”。 /201601/419364。

China’s dominance as a manufacturing destination has diminished as labour costs in the country rise and as overall foreign direct investment flows plateau, but this is being offset by successes in capturing higher-value inward investment projects, such as those related to research and development. China is emerging as an Ramp;D hub, in line with a government push to promote innovation and a race by Chinese companies to catch up with western competitors.随着中国国内劳动力成本上升,以及流入中国的外商直接投资(FDI)进入平稳期,中国作为制造业外国投资主要目的地国的地位开始下降,但中国在吸引更高价值的外国投资项目方面——例如与研发有关的项目——颇为成功。中国正成为一个研发中心,这与中国政府推动创新的努力以及中国企业追赶西方竞争对手的行动相符。Research from fDi Markets, an FT data service, reveals that China has caught up with the US in attracting foreign investment in Ramp;D. Between January 2010 and December 2014, China attracted 88 greenfield Ramp;D projects from foreign companies, against 91 in the US, and these projects involved capital investment of an estimated .5bn — more than twice the amount for the US. This puts China first in the world for the amount of greenfield foreign investment in Ramp;D projects since 2010 and second in number of projects.英国《金融时报》旗下数据务机构fDi Markets的研究显示,在吸引外国研发投资方面,中国已赶上美国的脚步。2010年1月至2014年12月,中国吸引了来自外国公司的88个绿地研发项目,美国吸引了91个;中国这些项目估计涉及55亿美元资本投资,是美国的两倍多。也就是说,中国自2010年以来在研发领域吸引的绿地外国投资规模位居全球之首,项目数量位居全球第二。Last year, fDi Markets tracked 11 Ramp;D projects into China, for .3bn, compared with 17 projects totalling 7m into the US. The previous year, China received 24 Ramp;D projects at nearly .4bn, in a year when global greenfield expenditure on Ramp;D projects continued a decline seen since 2011.去年,fDi Markets追踪了中国吸引的11个研发项目,价值13亿美元,美国为17个项目,总价值3.27亿美元。2013年,中国吸引了近14亿美元、24个研发项目投资,当年,全球绿地研发投资出延续自2011年以来的下滑势头。The pharmaceuticals sector is leading Ramp;D investment in China, accounting for .6bn last year. Business machines and equipment (7m) and consumer electronics (0m) were the second and third most active sectors, suggesting a healthy sp of research-intensive activity across key industries. US companies are the most active Ramp;D investors in China, with 32 companies spending .6bn on 36 projects in 2014, according to fDi Markets.制药行业是中国首要的研发投资领域,去年吸引了16亿美元投资。商业机器和设备(8.17亿美元)以及消费电子(5.4亿美元)分列第二和第三,这表明,研究密集型活动在各个关键行业之间呈现健康分布。在中国进行研发投资的外国公司中,美国公司最为活跃——根据fDi Markets的数据,去年,有32家美国公司在中国36个项目上出16亿美元。This comes as domestic Chinese companies are ramping up their own Ramp;D expenditure and helping lead a shift in global Ramp;D spending patterns and innovative activity. According to a study from consultancy Strategyamp;, while North American, European and Japanese companies still dominate total worldwide Ramp;D spending, their respective shares are either stagnating or declining. The number of companies with headquarters in China represented on Strategyamp;’s Global Innovation 1000 list has multiplied from just eight in 2005 to 114 in 2014, and Chinese companies increased their Ramp;D spending by 46 per cent last year compared with single-digit growth rates in North America and Europe.目前中国国内企业正加大研发出,并帮助引领全球研发出模式和创新活动的新趋势。根据咨询机构Strategyamp;的一项研究,北美、欧洲和日本公司仍在全球研发总出中占主导地位,但它们各自所占的份额要么不再增长,要么出现了下滑。登上Strategyamp;全球创新1000强(Global Innovation 1000)榜单的总部位于中国的公司数量从2005年的8家增至2014年的114家;中国公司去年的研发出增长46%,而北美和欧洲的这个增速仅为个位数。Publicly funded Ramp;D is also on the rise in China, as the government seeks to move the economy rapidly up the value chain. It is a climb that appears to be all but complete.在中国,政府资助的研发项目也在增多,因为中国政府希望迅速提升本国经济活动在价值链上的位置。目前看来,中国似乎已快要完成这个“攀升”阶段。 /201507/387798。

Chinese ecommerce company Alibabawill open offices across Europe in an effort to attract more sellers to the platform, in the first big initiative since the company appointed Michael Evans as president.为了吸引更多商家入驻,中国电商平台阿里巴巴(Alibaba)将在欧洲各地开设办事处。这是阿里巴巴在任命迈克尔埃文斯(Michael Evans)出任总裁后采取的第一项重大举措。Alibaba will open so-called “embassies” in Italy, France and Germany, with a view to positioning the company as the “gateway to China” for European merchants.阿里巴巴将在意大利、法国和德国开设所谓“大使馆”,希望将自己定位于欧洲商家“进入中国市场的门户”。“In the past, it was really only multinationals that could afford to sell their products internationally. But in the last 10 years, much has changed,” Mr Evans said, describing the mission as enabling “the world to sell to China, and to help China to sell to the world”.“过去,只有跨国公司才有实力在国际市场上销售自己的产品。但过去十年,这一局面发生了很大的改变,”埃文斯说。他把阿里巴巴的使命描述为“让世界能卖产品给中国,帮中国把产品卖给世界”。Mr Evans pointed to projections that China’s middle class would grow from 300m to 500m in the next decade. “This middle class consumer wants authentic, high-quality international products,” he said.埃文斯提到了如下预测:未来十年里,中国中产阶层人数将从3亿增加至5亿。“这一中产阶层的消费者想要正宗、高质量的国际产品,”他说。Companies ranging from clothing group Zara to luxury brand Burberry have opened stores on Tmall, Alibaba’s eBay-like platform aimed at attracting brand-name sellers.从装集团Zara到奢侈品牌柏利(Burberry),许多企业已在天猫(Tmall)上开店。天猫是阿里巴巴旗下类似eBay、旨在吸引品牌卖家的平台。However, Alibaba’s reputation for being unable to fight fakes and counterfeit goods has kept some sellers away. Jack Ma, chairman and co-founder, admitted in an interview on Tuesday that the issue of fakes “leaves visible wounds on Alibaba”.然而,阿里巴巴打击假冒伪劣商品不力的名声,使得一些卖家不敢入驻。周二,阿里巴巴创始人和董事长马云(Jack Ma)在接受采访时承认,假货问题“给阿里巴巴造成了看得见的伤口”。“I don’t believe success can be built on dishonesty,” he told China’s official news service Xinhua, dismissing some comments that Alibaba took advantage of counterfeits which boost sales and take rate totals for the group.“我不相信靠不诚实能真正成功,”他对官方的新华社表示。他对阿里巴巴利用假货(提振业绩和转化率)的一些说法不屑一顾。Daniel Zhang, chief executive, said that Alibaba would promote the sale of products from other countries to Chinese consumers as part of its Singles Day sales festival on November 11. The shopping day is known as singles day for its “double eleven” date, and billed as the “anti-Valentine’s day” where customers buy something for themselves rather than for a partner.阿里巴巴首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,阿里巴巴会把向中国消费者推销其他国家产品作为11月11日“光棍节”购物节的内容之一。那个购物日因有“两个11”而被称为光棍节,并被称为“反情人节”——顾客们会为自己而不是伴侣购物。Singles Day is China’s largest online shopping day. Last year, Alibaba set a record as its marketplaces hosted .3bn in sales.光棍节是中国最大的网购日。去年光棍节那一天,阿里巴巴创下了93亿美元的单日成交额。This year the company has been hit by China’s slowing economy, which have pushed down sales to their lowest growth rates in over three years last quarter.今年,中国经济放缓已使阿里巴巴受到了冲击。在经济放缓形势下,阿里巴巴上一季度的销售增长率降至三年多来最低水平。 /201510/403784。